“Grey’s Anatomy” Actor Gets Opportunity Save a Real Life

Call it what you want, but Patrick Dempsey who saves lives on a weekly basis as Dr. McDreamy on “Greys Anatomy” pulled off a real rescue that saved a guy’s life on Tuesday as he saved a teen from a car that overturned with him in it. The tweeted story by Shawn Ryan goes like this: “Grey’s Anatomy actor Patrick Dempsey pulled his friend’s son out of an accident after the car overturned in a bad wreck . #GoodDude”

The actor posted a recent tweet of his own as he said there were “lots of tears” reading the season 8 final episode for “Grey’s Anatomy.” Dempsey has still not signed a contract to return to the ABC medical drama series next season.

While it may seem like a dream, it was real life when the actor jumped into action on Tuesday afternoon when he saw the boy’s car that had flipped into his front yard, according to reports.  The kid was reportedly driving a Mustang which was totaled but Patrick, an avid and passionate car-racing fan, sprung into doctor mode with a crowbar to free the boy who only had a concussion, but found himself with a cool story to tell his friends as Dempsey pulled off the life-saving feat.

The report states that the boy lost control of the vehicle and flipped it several times before it came to rest on Patrick Dempsey’s front lawn. According to sources near the scene, Patrick ran to the accident with a first-aid kit and fire extinguisher in his hands.  After the 46-year old actor got the victim out of the car, he proceeded to call 911 before police arrived.  However, the kid received no serious injuries from the wreck.

The boy, Weston Masset, later gave a statement that he was scared to death as he was upside down when he came to rest, as well as being barely conscious inside the inverted vehicle. After Dempsey pried the doors open and freed the boy, he was air-lifted to the hospital. His first words to the rescuing star were, “Are you famous?” and Patrick Dempsey answered, “Yeah, I’m a doctor,” the boy tells.

After everything was under control, the actor called the boy’s mother to tell her about her son. Mary Beth Masset, the teenager’s mom, reported that Dempsey had an authority in his voice as she asked him if he was a paramedic.  He told her he was Patrick Dempsey. The elated mother is super grateful that he saved her son and can’t wait to thank him in person.

Dempsey has played the role of lead Neurosurgeon on the staff at Seattle Grace vying for Chief of Staff on many occasions. One would suppose that he has learned some beneficial life-saving techniques that a novice might use through the show or maybe he’s just good at remaining calm and cool in an emergency situation as he certainly took on the responsibility of saving a life for the teen that will always have a cool story to tell about his awful accident.