“Middle” Season Finale on ABC Primetime

The Heck family always attends church on Sunday, with Frankie being the only one that must be forced to sit through the long and drawn out sermons prepared by Reverend Hayver.  A family friend invites the Hecks to try out his church because it is full of energy and the pastor is a very good sermon presenter. After a particular parishioner passes away, the pastor encourages everyone to get their business in order, including the Hecks.the-middle-sue

Frankie wants the family to get their business in order.  Sue believes her business is an actual business, her babysitting business that is.  She has named it “Sue’s BabySuetting Service.” Brick joins in by thinking his business entails getting himself a new bed. Axl gets busy helping Brick so he can spend more time with his brother. Mike picks up the phone and gives his dad a call to tell him how much he appreciates his being there for him after his mom dies so he feels like his business is done.

Sue begins her very first babysitting job by taking care of a little guy whose name is Tyler. Interestingly, the kid is 14 years old. His parents pay someone to stay with him because they just can’t leave him by himself because he has panic attacks when alone and freaks out. Several things will trigger this situation, the reason Sue has to lead Tyler to believe that he is babysitting her instead of the other way around. Also, she has to get him to put on pull-ups before going to bed and not call them diapers. Mike has to intervene as Tyler makes a pass for Sue and when he does, the kid freaks out.

In the meantime, Axl talks Brick into using the money he was going to buy a new bed with to get a multi-use activity table. He beats his little brother 9 out of 10 times, but Brick is really good at air hockey and hard to beat. Because Axl is not able to block any of his shots, he gets frustrated. While Brick may be great at air hockey, he now has to use the game table box for a bed since he let his brother talk him into the activity table instead of a new bed.

In the beginning, Frankie thinks that her business is about a craft called beading, but that does not last very long. She then changes her mind and believes her business is about helping other people and stray animals. She decides she wants to build the world’s first super shelter for orphaned children, elderly people, and abandoned animals. Frankie wonders why no one has ever thought of this idea, and then she begins to wonder why the thought crossed her mind.

As her own thoughts are freaking her out, she tries to figure out what her business is. She takes off to the drug store to pick up some items to make first aid kits for soldiers. She is pumped. The clerk at the drug store notices and suggests she get her blood pressure checked. Good thing she did as Frankie’s BP is high and goes even higher when she gets it stuck in the machine.


While the blood pressure machine continues to beep, Frankie is freaked out. She is finally saved by none other than Reverend Hayver’s divine intervention. Actually he doesn’t free her, but takes the time to give her one of his sermons and guess what?  Down goes her blood pressure and the machine also dips so she can free her arm. Frankie realizes those Sunday sermons are what she needs with three wild kids and that those sermons are what makes her get her business done.