19 Year Old Miley Cyrus Gets a Rock

Since they filmed the movie The Last Song, in 2009, the young couple then playing in a romantic film made it real. Staring as Miley’s mom in the movie, Kelly Preston expresses her joy as she is thrilled about the engagement between Liam Hemsworth and Miley Cyrus. Preston, who has known them since the very beginning of their relationship, is happy for the duo, revealing her feelings that Miley is like a daughter, and Liam is perfect for her. She goes on to say how she loves Liam too.Miley-cyrus-fiance

Not only is Preston, Miley’s screen mom, elated about the engagement but Miley’s real mom, Tish, is likewise thrilled about her daughter’s happy news that tons of happy new love is dished out to Miley and Liam as she tweets her happiness about the engagement on Wednesday. Mom of the young star goes on to say that she is extremely happy for her precious baby girl and the love of her life.

The former Hannah Montana star’s proud papa, Billy Ray Cyrus, also tweeted to let fans know how excited he was and how he has always hoped to see his kids reach for their dreams, find happiness, have peace of mind, and someday understand and know love.  He believes Miley has accomplished all of these.


Producer of the 2010 widescreen romance, Adam Shankman, reveals how he feels like he had a hand in that real romance and wants a little credit for introducing Liam and Miley as he directed and produced The Last Song that led them to each other and to their recent engagement.

Shankman jokingly shares how he should get a finder’s fee for Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth.  He went on to say he was overwhelmed by the decision of the couple to make their relationship permanent as it brought him to tears. He says he saw sparks flying between the two love birds immediately on the set when filming The Last Song. Remembering the very first day of shooting, Shankman said that the first kissing scene gave them all the know that it was going to work out like a dream and the two hit it off as it was even seemingly real back then.

Although critics have implied that the two are way too young for taking the big step with Miley only nineteen and Liam twenty-two, Adam thinks the young couple have a great relationship going for them. The two are very different and if the old adage that “opposites attract” still stands, they will be great together.

Revealing that Miley and Liam have the same core values, their differences surface as he is super mellow and she is really hyper so they work well together. Adam says it is scary to think how beautiful their children will be.


The engagement was made official on May 31 as Liam proposed to the young singing star giving her a 3.5 carat diamond created by Neil Lane. Wow!  That’s a lot of bling for a such a little woman. Right after the engagement Miley could not wait to let the world know about her happy news as she took to the twitter grapevine to thank all her fans for the love they showed for her happy moment.  Miley tells the fans that she is so happy to share her news and feels like her dreams are coming true.