6 Movie Mistakes to Spot in Marley and Me


Movie mistakes are fun to spot—there are even entire websites dedicated to detailing every little mistake to be found in thousands and thousands of films! Movie mistakes are common because they are almost inevitable to avoid, no matter how much attention to detail is paid during production.

Marley and Me (2008) comedy-drama film which tells the story of a rambunctious dog who is adopted by a married couple. The film, like all films, contains its share of mistakes. The following are 6 interesting movie mistakes you can spot in Marley & Me.

Audio Mistake
During the scene where Josh and Jenny’s young infant is crying, the child’s face is visible as Jenny hands him over to Josh. However, once you see the infant’s face, it is very obvious that the child isn’t crying. The audio was likely added in post-production, but their facial expression creations a visual error.

Continuity Mistake
During the scene where Sebastian and John meet in the beach bar to discuss their problems, there are numerous people walking by in the background. In every shot change, however, the people who are walking by are clearly different.

Continuity Mistake
In the scene where Josh and Marley visit the beach together, Josh is shown with visible sweat marks on the front of his t-shirt. In the first shot where the sweat marks appear, they are shown as a single line down his shirt. However, during the scene, the shape of the sweat marks changes several times–first to various sweat marks scattered across the shirt, back to the single line, and so on.

Continuity Mistake
In the scene where John is driving home with Marley in the car, Marley can be seen sitting without his collar on. However, when John pulls into the driveway and Marley is shown, his collar is suddenly around his neck.


Historical Mistake
The film is set during the 1990s. However, there are many noticeably modern cars visible in many shots.

Continuity Mistake
In the scene where John takes Marley to the Obedience School, the dogs in the background continually change with each shot. For example, a distinct Husky can be seen behind John and Marley in one shot; however in the next shot, the Husky is gone and replaced by a different dog. The Husky continually disappears and reappears throughout the Obedience School scene.