“American Idol” Pays Tribute To Dick Clark

Ryan Seacrest, current host of American Idol, paid a touching tribute to his mentor and personal idol, Dick Clark. Seacrest is a previous radio host for the American Top 40, a co-host on the  Dick Clark’s New Years Rockin’ Eve, from 2005 to the present. He has stated that Clark was an idol and inspiration for him in his own personal career, and that he counted Clark among his friends.

As the Wednesday episode of American Idol started, Seacrest took just a minute to remember someone that he has so much respect for. He stated that the show could not begin without the acknowledgment of the passing of someone that was considered a television pioneer and a dear friend to him. He went on to state that without Dick Clark, American Idol and other shows like it, would not exist. This gave him the honor for being a forerunner in this area of show business. Ryan Seacrest said that Clark would be greatly missed, and that his thoughts and prayers were with his family. Seacrest finished his statement by saying he knew Clark was in a better place, but that if he had been there, Clark would have told him to get on with the show. Seacrest responded with you got it, boss.

In a public statement released to the press Wednesday, the day after Dick Clark’s death, Seacrest expressed his sadness. Seacrest said Clark was one of the greatest influences in his life, and that Seacrest had idolized him from the very beginning. Seacrest also said Clark had graced him with generous advice and counsel early in his career. Furthermore, Seacrest credited Clark with being funny, charming, smart and a true gentleman. Seacrest said that it was a dream come true for him to be involved with the Dick Clark’s New Year’s Rockin’ Eve show. His tenure on the show started in 2006.

Seacrest concluded his public statement by saying that Clark was a remarkable host, as well as an accomplished businessman. He went on to say that Clark had left television audiences around the world with a rich legacy, and that Seacrest was personally indebted to Clark.

In Clark’s obituary, it described Clark as an ever-youthful television host and tireless entrepreneur. It went on to say that Clark helped to bring rock “n” roll to mainstream America through American Bandstand. The obituary gave him credit for the various other efforts he was involved in as a producer and host, as well as for one of the longest running programs in the history of television, New Year’s Rockin’ Eve.

Dick Clark, aptly nicknamed the world’s oldest teenager, was pronounced dead at the Saint John’s hospital in Santa Monica, California. At the time of his death, he was being seen on an out-patient basis for a medical procedure. Dick Clark is survived by his wife and three children. His health problems became apparent when he had a stroke in 2004 that left him physically impaired. He was loved by many.