Another Lawsuit For J Lo

Jennifer Lopez seems to have gotten on an ex-employee’s bad side. Hakob Manoukian, a former driver for Lopez and her soon-to-be ex, Marc Anthony, is suing J Lo.


Manoukian drove for the couple in 2005, going from a mere driver to the Executive Head of Transportation. Manoukian claims he suffered damages and a loss of employment due to J Lo’s manager, Benny Medina, who Manoukian claims hated his guts, from the start.

The former driver was making at around $200,000 a year, for the privilege of being the Head of Transportation to one of the world’s most famous couples. It is alleged that during the filming of “What to Expect When You’re Expecting”, his duties put him in closer proximity with Medina, whom he says talked J Lo into demoting him. With the demotion came a loss of income. Manoukian is claiming that he suffered losses and damages because he owned and operated his own business before he drove for J Lo and Marc Anthony. When he received his promotion, he closed his personal business down. Due to his complaint against Medina, Manoukian is now going after his former boss, J Lo in court.

Apparently the threat of a looming lawsuit hasn’t slowed Jennifer Lopez down in the least. She recently announced she is going on summer tour with Enrique Eglesias.

The two will only be on the road together for about two months. Fans can look for the beginning of this tour to start in, or around July 14, in Montreal, Canada. The tour is scheduled for after the finale of American Idol, where Lopez is currently a judge, so fans that watch her on the show will be able to finish out the season with her.

When J Lo’s manager was asked about two megastars sharing the same stage, on tour together, under the same spotlight, the reporter was assured that these two aren’t the least bit interested in vying for the most attention. Medina stated that neither Lopez nor Eglesias have an interest in stroking their egos. Medina went on to say that the two stars common interests are their fans. Their time on tour together will be spent making sure the fans get the best possible show.

Medina went on to say that each star will receive equal treatment, being listed as co-headliners on the tour, with equal promotions and publicity.

This tour will also take Lopez on tour into the Latin American countries, starting in Caracas, Venezuela. This tour is unique, since this is the first time she has toured in Latin America. The date this event is scheduled is June 16, but she is scheduled to hit various areas of Chile and Brazil. One of her scheduled stops on the tour is in Sao Paulo, where the Pop Music Festival is being held. She will get the opportunity to sing beside Kelly Clarkson and Paris Hilton.


J Lo is going to be very busy this summer. Looming lawsuits and exes don’t seem to be slowing her down, at all.