Behind The Scenes Of “The Voice”

Reporters went to the live show of “The Voice” (airing on NBC), to give viewers the behind-the-scenes scoops on what doesn’t make it on camera. These reporters gave the scoop, and now you can read what they saw when the cameras weren’t rolling.

Blake Shelton performed his new single “Over”. However, the first time he sang it, his microphone malfunctioned. The good news is, though, that the performance was recorded, so he was able to avoid any embarrassment. He did, however, have to sing the song twice.

The live audience was made to work. During pre-show preparation, those people that are allowed in the pit were asked to pass out glow rings for the song and performance of “Without You”, sang Monday night by Erin Willett. Electric candles were also handed out. These were for “Ava Maria”, performed by Chris Mann. They were told to only use these items for the correct songs. However, some were used when Carson Daly was introduced.

Adam Levine received visitors from children that are currently attending his old elementary school. These eight year olds received a wave and a big smile from Levine for their troubles.

It took more than 24 stage hands to help get the stage ready for Chris Mann’s performance. That was more than it took for anyone else that performed.

Willet and Mann have a funny bone that they have expressed with a photo bomb in Christina Millian’s interview. Looking to spread some mischief and laughter, the two rehearsed the photo bomb and waited for the right moment. After the show, Willet stated that she was in a funk, after her very emotional performance of “Without You”. After seeing the mood, Willet and Mann decided to do it and to have fun with it. Millian said later that it had helped her come out of her funk, somewhat.

Christina Aguilera was sporting a pair of knee-high boots, that engendered the help of Shelton to get off the stage twice. When she wasn’t walking in them, and the camera wasn’t on her, she would prop her boots up on her desk, displaying them proudly.

The camera is supposed to be on the host of the show. However, before Daly goes under the lights and the guns for the nightly entertainment, he has a routine. This routine includes toe-tapping with the available music, some air guitar and maybe even the robot.

The almost unbearable temperature of the studio that “The Voice” is filmed in has already been stated, but Monday night’s performances allowed viewers to watch with less heat.

It seems like there can be as much entertainment behind the scenes as there is in front of the cameras. What does next week’s edition of “The Voice” have in store for viewers?

It has been announced that finalists are to perform live at the Universal City Walk on Thursday, May 3. One of the reasons this is so special is that it will be streamed live on Facebook and on