Catching Up On “Revenge”

From last episode of “Revenge” that aired months and months ago, the plot is slightly confusing.  It starts off with Emily, who has achieved revenge on the Graysons by having them accused falsely just as her father was (by the Graysons).  She also has no qualm against Daniel who is connected to what happened to her father, but only by association.  She also seems to like the way he looks, making it easier to forgive him.

Takeda realizes this and decides that if Emily makes any moves on Daniel she will let Amanda reveal everything about Emily to authority figures.  Amanda Clarke has gone missing, and the last link to her is her boyfriend.  Nolan ended up at a bar where Amanda’s boyfriend Jack was at as well, and it looked exactly like the hoodie that the sketch artist drew in order to reveal the identity of the perpetrator on the beach.

Jack freaks out about the insanely expensive five-million dollar transfer of money that Amanda makes.  He thought Amanda had murdered Tyler, but from recent clues it appears that she was not the perpetrator.

Victoria is convinced she knows everything about what happened and so she gets Mason Treadwell to put the ultimate spin on the story and another spokeswoman that was not Ashley.  She gets Nolan to get Mason Treadwell to work on it after his house is burned to the ground and all his hard work on the missing Amanda Clarke case was destroyed.

Nolan goes to a park bench where he discovers Treadwell and tells him that Amanda might be blamed for the killing of Tyler by the Graysons. He also tells Treadwell if he writes on the case he will be the proud owner of a brand new typewriter. Eventually Treadwell gives in and commits to being the new writer for Victoria.

Treadwell wants to give his pitch to Vanity Fair or Harper’s Magazine, but Victoria has another idea.  She thinks he needs to do an ongoing blog, and she has already set everything up for it to happen including an exciting domain name!

Treadwell approached Jack and lied to him, telling him that two people had seen him the night of the murder at the beach where it took place. Jack snaps back and tells Treadwell that Charlotte, his potential new romantic interest, was drunk and on pills that night and fabricated all sorts of stories about it.

Daniel is in prison and tells Emily that it isn’t all that bad, and that actually it is somewhat like a camp, minus all the violence that we are shown through sporadic shots of Daniel’s prison experience including him getting beat up within an inch of his life.

Turns out that Victoria made sure Daniel got beaten up so that he could leave because the prison was ‘too dangerous.’

Soon after Victoria gets hit on by a man in a bar and the couple ends up having an affair with each other and an oil painting.