“Community” Goes To The Vampires

In this exciting vampire-packed rendition of “Community”, the focus is on relationships and jealousy.  With some interesting insights we learn that jealousy can be invoked even when love is not present in a relationship, and that coldness will only attract the other’s interest and fondness.

The opening scene is “Origins of Vampire Mythology” in which Greendale, Troy, and Abed all playing a fun classic game with each other: patty cake.  This makes Pierce want to discover a new best friend, and then we see what Dean Pelton is wearing.  Decked out in a train-conductors outfit with overalls and all, this is the best Dean getup we have seen in a long time! Dean was oddly enough playing with a train set as well as deciding to prepare for a carnival that would soon be coming through.

Britta starts getting involved with Blade, a hilarious name due to its connection with the Wesley Snipes movie: Blade. Blade is one of the carnies coming through town, and Britta seems to hate him. Unfortunately she cannot seem to stay away.  We discover that Blade has been promoted to yell at passers-by at the stall where you get to shoot ducks.

Britta simply wants to jump Blade, so she goes to the Casa Trobed with Annie so that she can go into a detox mode to stop wanting to be around/with Blade at all.   At the house though both Troy and Abed want to watch the movie Blade  and cannot seem to stop saying the word “blade” over and over, which does not seem to help Britta in the slightest. They start watching the movie when Britta decides to phone her mother to see if she is ok rather than dying. Of course this seems like a ploy to get to her phone to call Blade

Annie opens her DVD drawer and shows Britta a banana that says “You are a lying junkie” on it.  Annie caught Britta’s bluff, but Britta has none of it as she yells at the top of her lungs while the rest of the people in the house push her into Annie’s bedroom and lock her in.

Dean appears decked out in sleeping garb with a bunch of beers for a night with the boys, replacing Annie’s spot for the evening.

Wondering why Britta is so consumed and attracted to Blade, Jeff tries to get Shirley to go to the carnival to spy on him. There they discover Pierce who has just won his newly discovered ‘best friend’ Chang a pony. When spying on Blade Shirley starts lavishly praising Jeff telling him how much better than Blade he is.

Back at the movie viewing Britta continues to try and get her phone to call Blade by telling Annie she was just like her sister.  Annie gives the phone back, but now Blade’s number has been switched to Annie’s!

Jeff starts throwing money at the duck-shooting booth where Blade is working so he can learn for himself what is so special about Blade.  Unfortunately nothing seems to work.