Getting down to the Nitty Gritty On “Dancing with the Stars” in Week 8

There’s a double elimination this week as we wind down to the final 4 contestants. Week 8 contains a twist as each team will include an extra dancer for a trio competition in their second routine.


Up for their first dance of the night, Donald and Peta dress out in all black as they killed their Tango. Len thinks it was a knock-out and Bruno was impressed with the power and aggression. Carrie Ann says they were in the zone but wants more drama.  The other judges disagree with her. They earn a 27.

In round 2, Karina joins Donald and Peta in a Jive. Donald dances between the lovely ladies in a high energy dance. Len thinks it was fun.  Bruno loved it and said they stayed in sync.  Carrie Ann loved their three-way! The trio got a 28 for a night total of 55.

Maria and Derek perform a sensational Viennese Waltz.  Maria is choking back tears after the dance. Bruno loved the motion and flow of the dance, while Carrie Ann said something magical was happening.   Len thinks they should have had more holds and was disappointed.  The duo pulled a 28.

Henry from the Dance Troupe is asked to help in the second routine with Derek and Maria. The two guide Maria through a sexy Samba. Bruno thought it was incredible, but noted a few timing misses. Carrie Ann agreed. Len said it was a great dance but not a Samba. They only got a 25 for their dance for a nightly total of 53.

With a tough rehearsal week behind them, Melissa and Maks danced a Foxtrot. Carrie Ann says Melissa’s shoulders were not in place as Len says there were two incidents in their dance. Bruno agrees with the mistakes but also says it would have been their best dance without them. 24 points is awarded from the judges.

On to the trio dance, Melissa is thrilled to be sandwiched between Maks and Val in their sexy Samba.  Carrie Ann said it was her best dance thus far and agrees with Carrie Ann. Bruno says it takes two to get the best out of Melissa as the trio pulls out a 27 for a total of 51 for the night.

Katherine and Mark dance the Viennese Waltz. Len says there was plenty of content but did not like the spins. Bruno said Katherine’s technique is perfect and Carrie Ann cautioned her about her balance. The two get a 26.

Tristan joins Mark and Katherine as they dress up like spies and surround Katherine for a fun Cha-Cha. Len thought it was clean, Bruno thought it was sexy and cool, and Carrie Ann likened it to fire as Katherine did not miss a beat when her costume hung to her foot. The judges gave them a 29 for a total of 55 for the night.

Roshon and Chelsie dance the Foxtrot.  Bruno said the flow was smooth and a joy to watch.  Carrie Ann said he made his grannies proud and Len said “Good Job Dawg.” They pulled a 29 for the highest score of the night thus far.

Troupe dancer, Sasha, joins Roshon and Chelsie for their trio Paso Doble. Bruno liked the power and artistry, but says Roshon was off a few times. Carrie Ann agreed and Len loved it.  They earned a 27 for a total of 56 for the night.

The Foxtrot performed by William and Cheryl was super sexy according to Carrie Ann. Len praised the technique and flair in the movement. Bruno says William is suave and debonair as they earn a perfect 30 for the dance.


Capes were flying and abs were showing as Tony joined William and Cheryl in the Paso Doble. Carrie Ann said it was fun and the lines were incredible. Len salutes them and Bruno said the performance value was perfect but they lost sync.  They pull a 27 for a 57 point total for the night.

Tune in Tuesday 9/8c to ABC for the week 8 results show.