Guest Star Not Well Received On “Drop Dead Diva”

The creator for “Drop Dead Diva”, Josh Berman, received a bad surprise when Kim Kardashian was announced as a guest star on the series’ fourth season. However, even after he found out that loyal fans of the show said they wouldn’t watch it, he is still going to let her appear. He said that it might be good for the show, to get the kind of publicity it would get from having Kardashian appear, and for having people talk about it.


Initially, when the news  was announced about Kardashian’s guest appearance, the reports were not good. Fans reacted to the news with some hostility towards the idea, which gave pause to the show’s executive producer and creator.

Berman said he was disappointed that people would say they weren’t going to watch the show just because of one of the guest stars. He went on to say that the show might benefit from all the talk. He said it might actually draw attention to the show, drawing attention from people that might not watch it otherwise. He went on to say that the show was not advertised, and there were no posters or billboards to catch the attention of potential viewers. If people are talking about the show, it was bringing attention to it.

For Burhman, with someone like Kardashian on the show, its leading up to an exciting fourth season, leading him to accept the bad press. He did say he is hoping that the viewers will at least give the show a chance, even if they don’t like seeing Kardashian on there.

He also said that Kardashian’s appearance may live up to expectations for viewers.

The guest appearance has Kardashian debuting as a love guru in the premier episode of season four. Berman went on to say he was a little surprised at the negative attention that one guest star could bring to a series that has had guest appearances from stars that incorporated reality stars to Oscar winning actors and actresses.

It seems that Berman has high hopes for the upcoming season. He stated that Kardashian gets a lot of offers to do a lot of different things, and that she embraced the message behind the story. He also hinted at a surprise twist that no one would see until the third episode of the season. The series premier is coming on at 9:00, eastern standard time, on Lifetime. It premiers Sunday, June 3.


For those just hearing about “Drop Dead Diva”, the story unfolds as a young, beautiful aspiring model  dies and comes back in a form that she is not used to. She has to learn to live her life and treat others differently in the process. She also has to learn to deal with the way she is treated in the form she now has. The person she comes back as is a lawyer. She is smart, and pretty, but not the “ideal” American beauty. The show is classed as a comedy and a drama.