Hot Topics Keep the ABC Talk Show at the Top

It was a hot week of hot topics and guests on cable show “The View.” The co-hosts kicked the week off with the topic of Barack Obama being called the first gay president by Newsweek, news about Mitt Romney’s past of bullying, as well as a sneak peek of the new Bachelorette who is seemingly changing all the rules.

On Monday, Suze Ormand offers her take on Obama’s support of same-sex marriage as she reveals she left the country to marry her partner. Next up was the pediatrician, Dr William Sears, giving a crash course in attachment parenting.

ABC News Chief legal reporter, Chris Cuomo offered the latest on cases making the headlines. They talked about Reille Hunter and the John Edwards trial as well as a turn around from an accuser of John Travolta.

On Tuesday, President Barack Obama returned to the set for the 4th time as he sat on the couch with the women from “The View” allowing any topic they wished to discuss from why he chose now to reveal his support of gay marriage to how he finds time to coach his girl’s basketball team. The girls then put the President to the test on pop-culture and he did pretty well.

The next hot topic day offered up a recap of Obama’s visit to the show and the shocking elimination of Derek and Maria on “Dancing with the Stars.”  After the hot topic session, Arsenio Hall popped in to give his strategy on “Celebrity Apprentice.”

Thursday’s topics hit on Sketchers claim that their shoes will get you in shape cost them $40 million and the rumor that Jennifer Lopez is leaving American Idol.  Also of interest on the show was the news as to why white people are becoming America’s minority.

Betty White was the guest of the day as she told of how Barbara and Joy bashed her at the Friar’s Club, but said she also handed it back to them. Next on the sofa was Susan Lucci as she told of her life after “All My Children.” She talks about her appearance on the hit show, “Army Wives.”

Next Elizabeth and Sherri gave their takes and weekly fixes on reality TV as Jaleel White made the hot topic table to end the week on “Guy Day” Friday. He helped the ladies as he chimed in on topics like Billy Bob Thorton’s revelation of why he and Angelina really split and why Leann Rimes might have come to blows with her husband’s ex-wife.

Judge Judy popped in to visit “The View. She’s the meanest woman with a gavel as she offers her personal view to the co-hosts on same-sex marriage, how the Octomom and others are irresponsible parents, and several other interesting topics.

To round out the week, ABC’s “Good Morning America” co-host Robin Roberts and her mother dropped in to share their feelings on family and friends. They end the week on a happy note as members of the audience take home a copy of their book, My Story, My Song, about how the power of song helped them both through the toughest time in their lives.