Jason Derulo on Jordin Sparks – Inspiration

Jason Derulo, boyfriend of Jordin Sparks, reveals how she kept him from a state of deep depression after his spinal injury. Following a four and a half month stint of wearing a neck brace after his accident, Derulo says performing his new single Undefeated at the final performance show if “American Idol,” was like a second chance for him.

Derulo said it was a great time and a second chance at life as he did his routine only two weeks after his neck brace was removed. He shared his challenges over the last four months. He says the experience was crazy when he thinks about how lucky he is as he realizes he could actually not be able to stand there on the stage.  He knows he could have been in a wheel chair or be totally removed from the moment he is in. Due to the accident that taught him to love life, and live every day like it is your last, he now knows how blessed he is.

The singer suffered an acute fracture to his spine in early 2012 when he landed on his head during rehearsals for his international tour. As luck would have it, his girlfriend and “American Idol” alumni, Jordin Sparks, kept him in good health and good spirits during his recovery. She is the kind of person who just naturally brings out the good in people and Derulo knows he is the luckiest man in the world.

According to Derulo, the fact that Jordin chose to be there for him when she could have been anywhere else had a huge bearing on his attitude and recovery.  His feelings are that she was the cornerstone to the whole situation for him and when he was really low, having her around just made everything worth pushing forward.

After the couple of pop admitted that they were an item earlier this year, Derulo said that they became much closer due to the accident. Gerulo says that Sparks lives in Phoenix, yet she comes to Miami to take care of him, bringing him breakfast in bed and helping him when he goes on his walks. He shares some tender thoughts about the star, saying how awesome it is to have someone like her to talk to as she is such a beautiful person inside and out.

When it comes to “American Idol,” the two have totally different ideas on who will be crowned the winner as he is for team Jessica, but Jordin is really team Philip all the way. Just for fun, her reveals that the two even have a bet over who the winner will be.  If Sparks ends up picking the correct winner, he has to cook for her, which he says will be very interesting since he can’t even cook a hot dog. If Derulo happens to pull out the win with Jessica, then Sparks has agreed to give him a ten minute foot massage which is also ironic since she despises feet.