“Mad Men” Recap

A lot happened tonight on “Mad Men” so let’s get started.

Beginning with Peggy, after being booted from the Heinz venture Peggy was surprisingly relaxed with week at the office.  She was hanging out after hours with a couple of the guys accompanied by her boyfriend Abe.  While the conversation began with business it jokingly ended with Stan talking about her bosoms and Abe making a quick and abrupt exit.

The next day Abe forced Peggy to a nice dinner and while she confided in Joan that she thought this meant breakup Joan told her it meant quite the opposite…proposal.  However, upon dinner it came out that it was somewhere in between, moving in together.  Peggy reluctantly agreed and told her uptight Mother the news.

Peggy’s Mom was not happy to hear this and made it clear that the only house mate she would ever want Peggy to have was a cat.

Moving on to the bulk of the episode, Meagan had her extremely French parents, Emile and Marie, over at the Draper residence.

They consisted of drunken flirting, a communist father who preferred hard work to Don Draper and a shaky passive aggressive relationship.  Emile did not keep his hatred for Don secret by any means.
After dinner with the parents Meagan came up with a wonderful ad campaign for Heinz beans:  Mother’s serving sons since the beginning of time and continuing to well on into the future.  She also ditched the previous slogan for a newer and simpler one.  Don was completely sold!

The next evening at dinner with the Heinz guy and his wife the bomb somehow dropped from the couple that they intended to seek business elsewhere.  This was a red-flag for Meagan but not for Don.  She slipped him the heads up (saving him yet again) and also hinted for him to sell her idea to the Heinz guy right then and there.  After doing so Don (Meagan) got the campaign back and after dinner celebrated at the office (wink wink).

Back at home after telling her parents the news all Meagan really wanted was for her father to tell her he was proud.  However, the opposite happened.  He pretty much told her that she had sold out by marrying Don and skipping all of the hard work of fulfilling her dreams in order to get her fortune.
In the meantime Sally was talking to her cute bad-boy boyfriend and accidently caused her grandmother to slip.  She did a wonderful job covering it up and making herself look like the hero and thus won herself the position of accompanying Don to his award ceremony.  While there she looked quite the grown up and stumbled upon rather grown up behaviors.

Marie had her flirtation going with Roger since the beginning of the episode and relations between the two finally played out at the ceremony.  Unfortunately little Sally stumbled upon Marie and Roger going at it in the ballroom.  It’s safe to say that she grew up a little bit too fast.