MTV’s Mom in Prison

Amber Portland is best known for her appearence on the MTV series “Teen Mom”. She was recently sentenced to five years in prison. Portland was given the opportunity to opt out of the prison sentence if she cooperated in a drug-treatment program that the state of Indianapolis provides. However, she opted to take the five year sentence, instead, saying that she couldn’t do the drug-treatment.

The option for drug rehabilitation was part of the original plea bargain Portland entered in to willingly. She had the choice of serving out her five year sentence, or taking the drug treatment. She was remanded to custody, until she was able to be evaluated by the Madison County Drug Court team.

Portland’s trouble started when she plead guilty on felony charges of possession of a controlled substance. In doing so, she was in violation of the probation she was already on. Portland was placed on probation after pleading guilty to a domestic battery charge, in which she was accused of being violent towards the father of her three year old daughter. The charge that brought about her probation originally happened in 2010.

Portland originally agreed to the drug-treatment program. However, she quit the program, and a judge in Madison County sentenced her to the full five year sentence, as a result. Rodney Cummings, the Prosecutor for Madison County, said that Portland stated she just couldn’t do the program, and that she wanted out of it.

Portland was already jailed one time, due to her probation. She was jailed, previously for contempt of court, when she failed to show up to take a scheduled drug test.

She will receive credit for time served on her sentence, for the time she did spend in the rehabilitation center. However, as of now, she is looking at a release date of 2016 or 2017 for her release from the Indiana Department of Corrections. Portland has stated that she hopes for an early release due to good behavior. When asked, Portland says she hopes her sentence will be reduced by half, leaving her in jail two and a half years, instead of the full five year sentence.

Amber Portland is 22 years old. She and the father of her three year old child, Gary Shirley, were featured on the reality series on MTV. She also made headlines when she made public the knowledge of her diagnosis as having a bipolar disorder.

The MTV reality show “Teen Mom” shows the daily struggles of the lives a teenage mothers. It follows these teenage girls as they deal with failed relationships, financial problems and families that don’t approve of their current circumstances. Amber Portland appeared on Season Four of the show, with two other pregnant teenage girls.

Portland was noted on the show for being difficult to get along with from the father of her daughter, Gary Shirley.  She was also criticized for not being attentive enough to her child.

MTV’s “Teen Mom” has received good reviews, and rate highly in viewer ratings.