“NCIS: LA” Wraps Up Season 3

While some shows are offering pilots and second episodes, others are gearing down until next season, if they have a next season. For “NCIS: LA”, one of the most watched programs on television, there will probably be another season. The show is about to come to the end of its third season.

For this year’s season finale, CBS has a two part ending planned for NCIS: LA. Showrunner, Shane Brennan, offers some teasers and possible spoilers for the hit series’  finale.

In a recent interview, Brennan revealed that the Chameleon (the bad guy) is very brazen in his actions. He went on to warn that there are several moments that will be very pivotal, so viewers must pay attention to these moments in the coming two-part closer.

Brennan went on to reveal that, in one of the two episodes, viewers will see Hetty, played by Linda Hunt, in a morgue. He said she is astonishing in the scene.

Brennan also said there is an explosion that is so good, viewers will want to hit the rewind button on the DVR. He added that there are no CGI touch-ups, and that the crew used ten cameras to capture the whole explosion.

Last week, viewers were able to see their favorite characters from NCIS: LA mixing it up with their favorite characters from Hawaii Five-o. Brennan remarked on the episodes and said network is really happy with the overnight numbers it received, but that he hasn’t been to the forums to see people’s reactions. The general feeling the network has right now is that the viewers enjoyed having the characters on the two shows meet.

The official numbers for the crossover shows ended with NCIS: LA receiving 15.2 million views, and Hawaii Five-o receiving 10.9 million views.

Due to the success of the event, there may be more crossovers scheduled in the future for CBS. It is something that Brennan may be open to the possibility of, for future shows and episodes on existing shows.

Brennan went on to explain that he feels contemporary audiences are more than willing to accept crossovers between shows, in the same world. He said he felt that it was certainly the case for the viewers of the Hawaii Five-o and NCIS: LA episodes. Brennan added that having them overlap in terms of the crimes committed on the shows was an easy feat for CBS, but whether or not the shows do it anymore is up to the network, CBS. He also said the crossover was something he would be very happy to do, again.

For the NCIS: LA fans, one thing is for sure. Their season finale’ will feature awesome explosions, one of the leading characters in the show in a morgue and a bunch of surprise twists that leave viewers on the edge of their seats. They also have two episodes to look forward to, before the show is off for another summer.

NCIS: LA comes on at 9:00 pm, on Tuesday nights, with CBS.