Khloe and Lamar Return to Los Angeles

It was an emotional week for Khloe and Lamar Odom as they travel from their new home in Dallas for the Laker’s game in LA on this week’s episode of the reality show, “Khloe and Lamar.”  Since Lamar used to play for the Lakers, it was a love/hate homecoming for the game, as Lamar comes to town in a matchup with his old team as part of the Dallas Mavericks.

Lamar has had a hard time with the transition as his shots have been off and the move to Dallas has taken a toll on the player’s confidence.  He is however, coming out of his melancholy state as the show begins with Lamar doing some serious bonding with a bunch of his Dallas teammates. The jokes are flying around and there’s lots of fun and laughter as the guys decide to go out to dinner because of all the new Maverick players. They all understand that chemistry is a vital tool to their success as a team, and if they have any chance of having a repeat of the past championship, they have a lot to live up to.

“Glee” Recap

GLEE - Just Give Me A Reason

For the Glee cast, McKinley’s senior prom was a little more important than a high school dance usually is on this past Tuesday’s show.

For Finn, played by Cory Monteith, and Rick “The Stick” Nelson, it meant coming down to the wire on who won the senior class prom king. There was also a surprise twist on who got crowned prom queen. That outcome helped move Rachel, played by Lea Michele, and Quinn, played by Dianna Agron, forward.

Glee premiere return

All Rachel could see was green- from envy, for the way Quinn and Finn were campaigning together on being prom king and queen. This spurred Rachel into an attempt to promote an anti-prom, which, of course, didn’t work. Quinn wants to beat Santana, and she wants it bad enough to use Finn, but Rachel doesn’t know that.

It’s Time for “The Letting Go” on “Private Practice”

Private practice season 3

Season five, episode 17 of “Private Practice” opens with Erica being admitted to the hospital because of having serious abdominal pain as well as spitting up blood. Cooper assures Mason that he will be completely honest about the diagnosis once they find out what it is. However, the prognosis is not positive as they discover that Erica has multiple tumors all over her body and only has a few days to live. Since the end will be very painful for them both, Erica doesn’t want Mason to experience it and wants to say goodbye very soon.

Private Practice Addison and Mark Scene

In what is nothing less than a difficult conversation with Mason, Cooper and Charlotte let Mason know what is about to take place with Erica. Mason is sure his mother is scared and puts up a good brave front when he sees her. He promised her he would listen to Cooper, do his homework, eat his veggies and everything that she expected from him. As he leaves the room, Erica tells him she loves him repeatedly.

Dishin’ the Facts

Dish anywhere is the best

It can be very hard for the consumer to make an informed decision about which television service provider offers the best everyday value for money. Sometimes the advertising hype doesn’t help one make an informed decision. This short factsheet may help shed some light on why Dish Network feels confident that when you know the facts, it will be clear that there is a good reason why over 13 million customers have chosen Dish TV over their cable and satellite TV competitors.

Let’s start with price. Even without taking advantage of a Dish Network Package, it is clear that this company offers by far the best value, with packages starting as low as $19.99 per month, What is the base price of a cable package? At  $69.99, it is over 3 times as much as Dish! With a gap like that, when you upgrade your Dish Network package, you will still be ahead of the game, even if there are a few “hidden charges.”

2016 CES DISH Anywhere

What might these hidden charges be? Many families have two TV’s in their household. How much does it cost to hook up a second television? At Dish Network, adding a second TV to your service is free, while cable companies charge $5.00 and more for the same service!

Prelude to Last Episode of “Desperate Housewives” The People Will Hear

Desperate Housewives Season 8 Funny Quotes

Bree continues to be emotionally involved with her Defense attorney as she is feeling very anxious about her upcoming murder trial. As the episode begins, Tripp is prepping the girls of Wisteria Lane for their testimonies in the trial. He is concerned when he hears Gabby refer to the victim as Alejandro. When Trip leaves, Bree’s friends point out that he is sporting round with a blonde in a red convertible sports car.  Bree is curious about what is going on.

Desperate Housewives Season 8 Deleted Scenes

When Bree runs into the blonde beauty, Lindsay, at the court house she finds out she is a private detective helping Tripp on her case. Actually, “was” helping is more appropriate – until Bree insults her by calling her a hooker.  Bree tries to apologize and Lindsay understands as she has been doing this for a long time, telling Bree that his female clients always fall for him even though his is always about the case. Bree tells Lindsay it is different with the two of them.

“Dancing With the Stars” Week 5 Performance Show

Dancing with the stars top 10 dances of all time

Things are heating up in the ballroom of the ABC dance contest, “Dancing with the Stars,” as the shirts start to come off in the performances.  With this week’s show featuring Latin Week, William Levy should be feeling good.

First up, doing the Samba was the team of Jaleel and Kym as he is the first to shed his shirt this week. Len praises his rhythm and Bruno loves his wiggle.  Carrie Ann believes he came out with energy and thinks he will be dangerous if he gets his arms under control. The two pulled three 8’s for the night.

Dancing with the Stars Paige & Mark

Next up after the previous week’s accident, Melissa was advised to avoid anything causing a headache, not an easy task as Maks and Melissa perform. They perform a hot Salsa. Bruno cautions her to use more control as Carrie Ann loves her confidence but agrees about the control. Len enjoyed it but agrees with the other judges as they only get a 21 for the night.

“50 Shades of Grey” Author Draws Large Crowd to Book Signing

50 shades of grey

A Miami book store was the scene of the a near mob crowd of young teachers, middle-aged people, and even the elderly as the launch of the erotic romance “Fifty Shades of Grey” book signing took place.

Earlier in the day, author EL James, drew another crowd of 500 men and women as she spoke to the crowd and signed copies at the historic Biltmore Hotel. It was the author’s second book signing, but the crowd she was drawing likened to that of response for writers like Ann Rice or politicians who released books in the past.

50 shades of grey Anastasia

“Watch What Happens Live” Is Always Hilarious!

Oprah in What happens live

Tonight’s episode of “Watch What Happens” featured the award winning and talented singer Monica, Tony winner John Benjamin Hickey and guest bartender Christina DeCicco, who is now playing Evita on Broadway.

Monica arrived in top notch style wearing a herringbone button-up top, light brown leather pants and extremely high heels that Adam Cohen complimented to the utmost, while Benjamin looked casual, a bit scruffy and handsome.  The three had an exaggerated conversation regarding the difference between herringbone and hound’s tooth after Cohen complimented Monica’s blouse as hound’s tooth and Hickey corrected him quickly and pointed out that it was actually herringbone.

WWHL Nick Jonas Discusses His Fetishes, Spanking, And Porn

Another topic of interest is Bethenny from Bethenny Ever After.  Cohen mentions the playful kiss between Bethenny and Stacy on the show and asks Monica as well as the general public if they would like to have Bethenny as a boss.  Monica dodges the question and they move on to the drinking word of the night.  Cohen explained that every time they mentioned the name “Brandy” the audience was required to take a sip of the drink of their choice.  Cohen, with a smirk on his face, cleverly asks Monica whether or not she and Brandi are still close friends after a feud that happened years ago.  Monica says that they are and the tension was short lived and not that serious.

As Always “The View” Offers Lots Of Drama

The view controversial

This morning on “The View” the women were up and ready for war, and by war I mean bickering.  The show began and controversial news was soon to follow.  Stories of Secret Service men having relations with foreign prostitutes, Hilary Clinton partying it up while oversees, Mick Romney’s plan for women on welfare and oh so much more!

Barbara, Whoopi and Sherri seemed to be at odds this morning while disagreeing with pretty much everything the other had to say.  It first started with welfare.  The women were discussing Romney’s plan of having women back on the workforce after two years of staying at home to care for children and putting more money into childcare.  Whoopi disagreed with the stigma that was placed upon women who need welfare assistance and Elizabeth, Barbara and a tad bit of Sherri were not having it.

Will Trump Campaign Benefit from Lewandowski Firing

Next Sherri did not agree with Bill Cosby’s notion of looking at the Travon Martin case and Barbara nipped that in the bud before Sherri could finish her thought.

As soon as the Hot Topics were finished everyone seemed to relax and talk about lighter things.  The bickering turned to playful discussion on Brad and Angelina’s engagement with the million dollar ring, Barbara’s sex life (which made Whoopi’s eyes bleed) and a new HBO series entitled “The Girls”. 

“Pawn Stars” Recap

Pawn Stars Paul Bearers WWE Hall of Fame Ring

The day begins on a high note with a plethora of 1960’s rock and roll posters.  These authentic pieces include everything from the Rolling Stones to Janice Joplin.  While the seller is expecting to earn a 3000 dollar profit for his hip treasures he leaves satisfied with 1,125 bucks.

The next customer is not so lucky.  Old Man deals with a kid looking to earn a hefty sum for his case of Civil War era glass eyes.  There are hundreds of these creepy collectables and the kid thinks that Vegas would be the place for this type of odd treasure.  Unfortunately the Old Man is not buying.  He will have to take his glass eyes someplace else.

Pawn Stars: Go for Gibson

The next guy who comes in is lugging a pretty flashy Evel Knievel pinball machine from the 1970’s.  The machine is a bit beat up and no longer works but it is authentic.  Cory decides to take on the machine and buys it from the seller for 1200 bucks.  He thinks that he has made a pretty good profit and estimates that after fixing up the pinball machine he will be able to resell it for an estimated 3000 dollars.

However, after taking the machine to a friend whose specialty is pinball machines he finds out that the repairs will be an estimated 300 dollars and that the resell price will only be about 900 dollars at the most.  That puts Cory in a 600 dollar loss and now he will have to face Old Man and his father and tell them the bad news.

New Airport Screening Rules Revealed On ABC’s “20/20”

ABC 20 20

Do you still have to take off your shoes? Can you have scissors and carry-ons? Airport security checks can be a nightmare with all the confusion that creates havoc with airport screening rules. One of the problems is the rules keep changing. No wonder travelers get frustrated. As technologies and tools evolve, the rules and security process changes.

At one time the shoe bomber and underwear bombers created a scare that brought about a kind of fear that nonmetallic explosives concealed on a passenger’s body was the number one threat. Now the rules have been revised and here are the highlights from Greg Soule, a TSA public affairs officer as presented on last week’s episode of the “20/20” news show that airs Friday nights at 10/9c on ABC.

Airport security has increased a lot

When British police thwarted a plot in August 2010 to blow up at least 10 planes traveling between the UK and America with liquid explosives, the ability for passengers to carry any liquids, gels, or aerosols on flights was taken away immediately as a revision, but new rules were loosened several weeks later.

The new guidelines allow passengers to carry on limited liquids set by TSA 3-1-1 rule which means you may have 3.4 ounce containers or smaller enclosed in one quart size plastic zip lock bag per traveler. Exceptions to the rule include medications, baby formula, food, and breast milk within reasonable quantities over 3.4 ounces and do not need to be enclosed in a plastic bag. However, these need to be disclosed at the check point and offices may elect to screen them. Larger containers and large toothpaste tubes are not allowed. What constitutes a liquid? If it pours, pumps, squeezes, spreads, sprays, or will spill, it is a liquid.

Sacramento, CA Comcast Cable Services And Plans

Xfinity Sacramento, CA Comcast Cable Services

Start enjoying your home services like never before when you change them to Sacramento, California Comcast Digital Services. With these services your entire household can start utilizing the internet, television, and phone at home to its advantage.  More accessibility and more efficiency with the services themselves make this packaged deal one-of-a kind.  You can even order Digital TV, High-Speed Internet, and Digital Voice all together for maximum savings or separately depending on your personal needs.  Either way, enjoy exuberant savings on a monthly basis with Comcast Digital Services.

Digital TV in HD brings the brilliant realistic quality of live sports events, concerts, dramas, and makes reality TV seem more real than ever with outstanding clarity. Let the most exciting entertainment come to you with Digital TV from Comcast.

Xfinity Sacramento, CA Comcast Cable

Comcast Digital Service in Sacramento, CA offers more channels than ever before in this exciting package so that nobody is shafted with boring television!  When you come home from work the last thing you want to do is not be able to enjoy your time which is why Comcast’s easy onscreen guide helps you find just what you are looking for quickly.

Other features guarantee that you always have exciting event to watch.  With On Demand you can enjoy thousands of selections and watch them as soon as you find them! HD options are available with this feature and with Pay-Per-View, a helpful source to watch the best live events of the week.

After Chaos, the “Revenge” Scandal Episode Continues

Scandal show

The show opens with the police crawling all over the beach, after the sound of gunshots were heard from the Grayson home. Much to Emily’s surprise, Tyler has been murdered and although many people are questioned, only one seems to be a prime suspect. Daniel told the police he is completely unaware as to what happened with Tyler on the beach. However, Daniel was not being totally honest because he had a very vivid memory of Tyler showing him a picture of Emily’s targeted victims, a photo from the box Tyler retrieved under the floorboards of her house.

After Daniel gets released from custody, he looks beneath the floorboards of Emily’s home, but only finds fishing and sailing items where the Infinity Box was supposed to be. The police soon arrive with a warrant to arrest Daniel and took him away in hand-cuffs as Emily looks on in a helpless state.

Olivia and Fitz (Olitz)- Making Good Love

The Grayson Attorney, Benjamin Brooks, is the hard core lawyer hired to represent Daniel.  He reveals the details of the horrid beach scene. His story to the public was that there was a struggle on the beach. Daniel was able to wrestle the gun away before shooting Tyler is self defense. He said Daniel only shot once.  However, Tyler was shot three times and has two bullets in the back. Attorney Brooks states that the hematoma on the back of Daniel’s head shows that there was someone else at the scene and may have knocked him out in order to set him up.  Amanda Clarke was named as the possible third party to the crime.

What Do The “American Idol” Judges Do In Their Spare Time?

American Idol the farewell season

Do you ever wonder what the judges from American Idol do in their time away from their judges’ chairs?

Jennifer Lopez is scheduled to appear with her ex-husband, Marc Anthony for an international show. While their union did end in divorce, the accomplished female singer/songwriter/actress says there is no bad blood between them.

J Lo is scheduled to appear on May 26, 2012 at the Mandalay Bay Events Center for a concert that involves talents that stretch across 21 countries. The event offers talents from 50 yet unknown performers, and is intended as a celebration of Latin music and its performance arts. The name of this event is “Q’Viva! The Chosen”. It is a real life adaptation of Fox’s global hit by the same name. The TV show “Q’Viva! The Chosen” is viewed by over 30 million fans on at least 22 networks that broadcast across the Americas. The TV program has easily become the largest TV hit of 2012.

Kelly Clarkson on American Idol

According to insider reports, the idea for the show was actually thought of by J Lo and Marc Anthony when they were still a couple. Now that they are divorced, they remain the show’s co-hosts.

In comment, Lopez shared that it has been an incredible journey for them, both. The Fox show has helped Lopez and Anthony to realize the desire they shared to celebrate a people and a culture. What does the winner gain for his or her efforts? An all-expenses paid trip to the US for the opportunity to share his or her talents and dreams in a Las Vegas performance.

Comcast-Disney Pact and Other Deals May Cause Hit on Netflix

Comcast Xfintiy Disney frozen partnership

The January 5, 2012 deal between Comcast and Walt Disney Company may become the norm for how pay-TV companies negotiate deals with programmers in order to defend their customer base against online competition like Netflix.

Comcast, the largest US cable provider, and Disney worked out a 10-year deal that will give Comcast customers access to their live and on-demand programming on computers via their Comcast Cable Internet Plan, tablets and smartphones. Customers will have the capability to view real-time shows on ABC and other cable networks like Disney Channel, ABC Family, ESPN, and ESPN2 on mobile devices for the first time.

xfinity comcast disney

The benefits for Comcast are substantial for a 10-year agreement since it is a motivation tool for customers to hold onto subscriptions per business of Sanford C Bernstein, Craig Moffett.  Moffett predicts the deal will be detrimental to Netflix and Hulu LLC as the Comcast competitive advantage of internet content will crumble them.  According to Moffett, Comcast and Disney will make a huge amount of five-star content available to on the go customers of digital cable service for free on their mobile devices..  That can’t be something that sounds like good news for the two companies that intended to charge people for the same accessibility.

Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon which all deliver movies and TV programs over the internet, saw net increases while the largest pay-TV companies lost several hundred thousand video subscribers in the first three quarters of 2011. Interestingly, Disney and Comcast, together with News Corp. and Providence Equity Partners are also investors in Hulu.

Comcast Offers Fantastic Cable Television and High Speed Internet Deals

How To Get Started with X1

Comcast provides service to over 18 million customers annually. They offer quality in convenience with affordability so that everyone can afford to get something they want, no matter what the budget is.

Comcast XFINITY TV has a channel lineup of over 250 TV channels with a wide variety of programming for children and adults.  They carry popular viewing features that add convenience to any programming package, such as the DVR or digital video recorder, video on demand selections, and pay per view events.  The video on demand feature is a digital library offering over 10,000 viewing selections.  The selections are convenient because they allow subscribers to watch popular programming on personal time, instead of having to try to catch the programs during a specific time of the day or night.  The pay per view events are live sporting, music and comedy events that offer families an economical way to watch pro athletes and celebrities in some of the biggest events of the year.  Pay per view gives the family front row seating to any event covered in the pay per view menu, while saving the family money and time.  These selections are made even more convenient with the use of the DVR, which records and stores up to 60 hours of programming.  It can be set to record a certain channel or specific program while the family is away or it can be used to record a program that the family is watching.  The DVR can also be used to rewind, fast forward and pause live programming or the selections found on the Comcast Cable Video On Demand menu.  It acts as a VCR would, but adds the digital quality of cable programming to any recorded selection.

Xfinity minions comcast

Artisteer: Ideal for the Novice and the Professional

When most people find a gem like Artisteer, they want to keep it quiet. I must admit that might have been my first inclination. Why would I want my competition to know about software that makes it easy to design a site without the need to know html, css, or php? The answer is that it’s good Karma to pass on any information that has significantly helped you on your road to success. And that is exactly what I’m about to do here.

Artisteer claims that now, to build basic, clean and customized websites, you don’t need any other software such as Adobe Photoshop or Dreamweaver. They also claim you don’t need to know any html, css, php or any other scripting language. Remarkably, this is all true. It may be this fact that has veteran web designers and developers worried, but as a web designer and developer, I can honestly say there is nothing to worry about. Artisteer is for the Novice and Professional alike. In fact, if you DO have the other professional tools, and have a solid knowledge of CSS, and HTML you can quickly find yourself dominating the market of web design by adding Artisteer to your arsenal.

Design a personal blog in seconds with artisteer

On each one of my web projects, without exception, I use a dynamic combination of the CS3 versions of Adobe Photoshop, and Dreamweaver with Artisteer at the heart of the operation. As a matter of fact, Artisteer has become the MVP on my web design team. I am now able to offer my services to clients looking for static HTML websites, blog sites like WordPress or Blogger, or content management systems like Joomla!, and Drupal.

When you’re looking for web design ideas, Artisteer goes above and beyond in offering you suggestions. You can browse several layout ideas with a click of a button, which helps in the visualization process, and figuring out where graphics and content will go. Artisteer breaks down the process of website design into 10 sections: Colors & Fonts, Layout, Background, Sheet, Header, Menu, Articles, Blocks, Buttons, and Footer.


Artisteer 4 allows you to create wordpress templates

With the explosion of the internet, there has been explosions in industries that coincide with the internet such as Graphic Design, and Web Development. These are very specialized areas that take a lot of time, money, and education to be involved in, so most turn to high priced experts in those fields when they want to make their images or their websites stand out from the rest, whether business or personal. These fields also include the purchase of very expensive software products that are well beyond the budget of the everyday internet user, and the software is very technical and requires a lot of training just to get up to an amateur user status with it. So, it leaves a lot of internet users, and businesses out in the cold without the money or the time, or the education necessary to stand apart. That ends now.

Artisteer is requires none of that added expense, training, or expertise. It allows anyone to put together whatever they need, and allows them to do it on their own with no training or expensive software to put it out of reach. It is the first and only Web design automation product that instantly creates fantastic looking, unique website templates and blog themes. Blogs are booming, and this is the product to help set yours apart from the rest of the people out there in the Blogosphere. This is the product you need if you are looking to design awesome blogs and cool web templates in just minutes. Once you have the perfect representation of who you are and what you want to get across, the design you just created can be easily exported to some of the most popular blogging sites including Blogger, Joomla, WordPress and others.

Artisteer allows you to code

With Artisteer, there is no need to spend years, and tons of money learning the expensive programs such as Photoshop, CSS, HTML or any of the other technologies that are so popular in creating these kinds of themes and designs. Above all, without all of the technical knowledge clogging up your brain from spending so much time learning the other programs, it allows you to have fun, and to create just what you need since it is so easy to use.

With Artisteer, you immediately become a Web design expert, with no technical skills necessary. You can also edit different graphics to customize your look beyond just the template style, and make it more personal to you. If you aren’t convinced yet, let’s just take a look at the Top 10 Reasons to use tis simple Artisteer Download to accomplish whatever you are looking to create.

  1. You can generate cool and unique Web design ideas.
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  6. If you don’t know exactly where to begin, you can choose and use many of the already included design elements. There is a wide array of backgrounds, photo objects and buttons to choose from.
  7. You can automatically solve any problems that may come up with image aliasing, Web browser compatibility and other details that would typically require additional time and knowledge.
  8. You will learn how to create professional HTML and CSS coding.
  9. Perhaps among the most important benefits is that you will save money on WordPress Themes and Web design templates that normally surpass the everyday budget.
  10. If you don’t have the time, you can hire your kids to create great looking web design for you because it is truly that simple to use.

Artisteer 4 web design

There are other things that make this product so simple, and probably the number one thing is that fact that there is an Artisteer Download available, so there is no need to track the software down and spend even more time installing it and making sure everything works properly. All you have to do is download the program, and you are ready to go! There is no need for added schooling, or added expense just to figure out how to work the programs. It comes ready to go and it does everything and more you need it to do.

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Artisteer Web design expert

Step up to the program that is fully automated, and has received multiple Product of the Year awards for the simplicity, and the ease of use. It’s so easy that there will never be a need to hire an expensive outside source to create anything you need done, ever again. It’s time to try the first and only Web design automation product.

How Anime Infiltrated the West

Alucard anime show 2016

Anime was first introduced into mainstreamAmerican culture back in the 1980’s when “Astroboy,” a television character known and loved in Japan as “Tetsuan Atumo” (the Mighty Atom) made his debut on American screens. While adult oriented anime has only achieved cult status in this country, anime series have become a staple in the popular Saturday morning children’s television timeslot.

Astroboy is an example of the “shonen” style of anime. Shonen simply means “boys” and refers to the genre that is appealing to boys. Typically, shonen characters have extraordinary powers and can defeat adult super-villains in battle. Before Astroboy came to the West, there really were no superhero boys in American cartoons. Even Batman’s Robin was just his apprentice and couldn’t really save the day on his own. The fact that Astroboy was a robot didn’t diminish his appeal as a role model, since he was a robot with human feelings.

Aizen anime

In children’s programming, it wasn’t until Sailor Moon arrived on U.S. shores that a girl’s (shouju) anime became popular.  As is so common in anime, the characters in the Sailor Moon series have flawed human characteristics that are at odds with their miraculous powers. Whereas an American comic book or cartoon hero or heroine will tend to be as in control of their human emotions as they are of the forces of evil, Sailor Moon is a typical immature teenager who has crushes on boys, gets in trouble in school and is an annoyance to her parents. It is only when she is called on to fight the forces of galactic evil using her magical powers that she becomes heroic.

Some Distinguishing Features of Anime

Naruto anime

Anime has become such a popular form of animated cartoon in the west that the word itself needs little introduction. Just the mention of the word “anime” conjures images of popular cartoon series that can be seen on U.S. television every day. If asked to pinpoint what it is, most Americans would probably define it as, “Japanese cartoons.” But what characterizes the look and feel of a Japanese as opposed to a typical American cartoon series?

Anime (from the English, “animated”) films and television series have largely been adaptations of Japanese manga. Manga can be loosely defined as a comic book (the word literally translates as “humorous pictures”). Occasionally, the English derived word “Komik” is used as a synonym, but manga has its own distinctive style and many manga fans resent the use of the words interchangeably.

Over sexualized anime

Visually, there are a number of characteristics that differentiate manga and anime from traditional American cartoons. The characters themselves have many distinguishing facial features. One of their most notable features is their oversized eyes, which get even larger when they are excited or facing danger. In contrast to their eyes, the mouths and noses of anime characters are disproportionately small in comparison to their faces.

Anime artists make no attempt at realism when it comes to their characters’ hair styles and colors! While a character’s personality may be that of a typical, conservative Japanese teenager, their hairstyle may be that of a radical cyberpunk. Long and spikey, it is generally of any color except black or brown. Pink, blue, green, magenta or just about any other color is far more common than any natural hair color, except perhaps blonde.

Comcast Internet Brings It All FAST!

Comcast xfinity all devices fast internet

Fast, faster and fastest is the easy way to describe Comcast internet service! Starting with the basic package which is 4 times faster than 1.5 megabit per second DSL service and over 100 times faster than dial-up, Comcast’s 6 Mbps service blows away the competition in speed. Huge files and updates that takes hours now only take minutes. Streaming video and audio is crisp, clear and jitter-free, and surfing the web is a breeze, instead of a chore.

The next level up is 8 mbps and with that kind of speed, everything on the internet is effortless! Video and audio streams start faster and play even smoother than ever! Download any size file almost as fast as you can think about it. Surf and sort through huge databases as fast as the computers they’re on.

XFINITY (comcast) is Named Fastest Internet Service Provider in America

And both levels of service offer PowerBoost which punches the speed up to 12mbps when downloading video files. Now, with PowerBoost, you can download entire movie files in minutes which would take hours over DSL, and could take DAYS to download over dial-up! And Comcast Internet is always on! Reach for the mouse, click on the browser, and you’re instantly surfing. No waiting for modems to connect, no waiting for the phone line to be free. Always on means you’re always ready to experience internet the Comcast way.

Road Runner, Free Long Distance and GREAT TV

Roadrunner ad 1990

When you think of Time Warner, more often than not you think of great movies, classic cartoons and a wealth of great television programming. The last things you really think about are surfing the net, calling your buddy in Canada or your local news. But, thanks to the great folks at Time Warner Cable, you get to actually have all of those from the same company that brings you all of those great movies too!

In terms of cable programming, there are few companies that can match the caliber of programming that Time Warner brings to the table. Not only do you get the hundreds of channels you come to expect from a cable provider, but you get satellite radio stations and CD quality audio delivered right to your home theater system anytime you want. And with the advent of HD programming, anyone with an HDTV now has a plethora of outstanding quality channels specifically devoted to taking the best advantage possible of the newest of television technologies. Regardless of which HD channel you flip to, they all look stupendous on even the least expensive HDTV’s available.

Roadrunner high speed internet time warner cable

Save Money By Buying Used Car Parts

Used car advice

Don’t you hate the cost of car repairs?  Whether your car is just out of warranty or is a restored classic, when it comes to replacing parts, you no longer need to pay top dollar retail prices.  Now you can get the parts you need at an affordable price. Whether you were in a wreck and need to replace a rear quarter panel, front panel, head light, bumper, car door, or other body part; or wear and tear have finally taken their toll and you need a transmission, muffler, or shocks, finding and paying for new car parts is always as painful as it is expensive.  You no longer need to suffer the pain.  At Basic Car Parts you can find the parts you need at affordable prices.  Most parts are also covered by a one year warranty.

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Used cars are better in the long run

If you miss trashing your shoes with mud and motor oil from the salvage yards looking for low quality used car parts then Basic Car Parts is not for you.  But if you like the convenience of typing a few key strokes to find the high quality parts you need for your car, then we are the answer to your car’s replacement parts problem.  Along with the advantage of saving substantial time, you can save tons of money.  Avoid the new parts huge markup. If you have a foreign model or classic automobile, you know the new parts prices are almost always outrageous.  When you decide to buy used instead of new, you can often save up to 60 or 70 percent off the cost of a new part even when the difference in quality is virtually the same.  That is why it is affordable for you to take care of those repairs now that you previously considered too expensive and to be able to keep your vehicle in top running condition.  With used car parts being much a more affordable alternative to new ones, you will likely save hundreds or thousands of dollars when opting for inexpensive used car parts.

Driving Can Kill You

Dangers of driving

Of course, we know the old slogan “Speed Kills” and we also know that traffic accidents kill thousands annually. But did you know that simply driving down the highway can pose a higher risk of skin cancer than sitting out at the beach? Truth be told, it can, especially for men!

Reason being is that when we’re at the beach, we know to take protection against the sun. We use sunscreens with a high enough SPF factor to protect our skin from the damaging effects of UVA and UVB rays. But while we’re driving in our cars, and have turned on the radio, our baby has moved a little closer and we’ve got our arm out the window. That arm, and that side of our face is fully exposed to both UVA and UVB rays from the sun. The phrase “farmer’s tan” has been coined because farmers do that exact same thing, day after day, hanging outside of the cabs of their combines or other equipment, watching to make sure they’re following the furrows and that the equipment is operating properly. But in the process, they’re baking their left arm and their face, while their right arm stays inside, relatively safe.

Driving UVA UVB rays from the sun

And the word “relatively” is used on purpose. Even though the right arm is inside the cab of the vehicle, it is still being exposed to the UVA rays that penetrate the windows! Since UVB rays are blocked by the glass, this helps some, but UVA goes right through the glass just like light. This kind of exposure means that even with the windows closed on your vehicle, whether it’s a Lexus or a Peterbilt, these UVA rays are still flooding the interior of it, exposing our bodies to that ultraviolet radiation.

An Aruba Vacation On or Off the Beach

Aruba april 2016

People take an Aruba vacation for two reasons – to relax in the Caribbean sun and to have fun. There’s plenty of both on Aruba, so no one goes home disappointed! Often, Aruba vacation photos are spectacular photos of brilliant turquoise blue water contrasted against white sands and towering palms. News about the nightlife in Aruba spreads more by word of mouth. Most people are having too much fun in the bars, nightclubs and casinos to think about taking pictures!

Aruba has amazing sightings

Not that they’re not enjoying themselves during the day! Aruba is just such a picturesque island that you can’t help but take Aruba travel photos. Everywhere you turn, there’s something to take a picture of. There are countless photographs of Aruba’s famous beaches and almost as many underwater shots of tropical fish swimming amongst the coral reefs. Since Aruba’s waters are so crystal clear, your underwater Aruba vacation photos will look like they’ve been taken by a pro!

Off the beach, the famous windswept divi divi trees are featured in almost anybody’s Aruba vacation photos. Those who venture by jeep to the interior come back with photographs of the ruins of old gold mills from Aruba’s colorful past, pictures of the mysterious rock drawings in the Guadirikiri Cave on Aruba’s windward coast and the ancient Arawak Indian drawings on the ceiling of the Fontein Cave. If you have a digital camera, make sure it’s got plenty of memory, because you will be taking a lot of Aruba vacation photos!

Aruba has amazing clean beaches

Back in civilization, Aruba’s capital city, Oranjestad, is a photographer’s delight, with all its beautiful restored Dutch architecture, the bustling local markets and, of course, Fort Zoutman. Fort Zoutman was built in 1798 to protect Aruba against pirates when Horse’s Bay (Paarden Baai) became a commercial harbor. Today, a marvelously restored Fort Zoutman serves an equally important peaceful purpose as the location for Aruba’s Bon Bini (Welcome) Festival every Tuesday evening. It also houses Aruba’s historical museum – a must-see on your Aruba vacation.

Every Aruba Vacation is the Best Aruba Vacation!

Aruba vacationing cheap

There is just no such thing as a bad Aruba vacation. Whether you’re staying in one of the 5 star Aruba hotels and living it up at the casino or you’ve chosen a boutique Aruba hotel and spa for for complete relaxation and rejuvenation, you have come to the right place if you’ve come on an Aruba Caribbean vacation.

Busy executives get precious little time for relaxation. Nobody knows this better than the friendly people of Aruba, who have been welcoming visitors to their island for years with broad smiles and open arms. They understand all your needs and there are Aruba vacation resorts that cater to every type of traveler.

Aruba hotel

Every year, Aruba hosts tens of thousands of tourists. For such a small island, it’s amazing how uncrowded it always feels. It’s been designed that way. Fortunately, Aruba’s tourist boom began at a time when developers were becoming sensitive to the environment and understood the value of maintaining an area’s ecosystem and natural attractions. You’ll find uncluttered beaches and unpolluted waters on Aruba, even on the beaches with the greatest concentration of Aruba luxury hotels.

For those visitors looking for the pure Caribbean island experience, Aruba is perfect. You’ll find your Aruba hotel and spa will do everything for you. If you’re looking for total Body, Mind and Spirit revival, many yoga, Pilates and meditation Aruba vacation packages have been put together by experts in these fields who have found that the island’s natural peaceful ambiance is perfect for total peace of mind and relaxation. Unlike some other tourist areas, your peace and composure aren’t shattered the moment you leave the retreat. There’s just no sense of stress or hurry on Aruba – just loads of traditional Aruban warmth and hospitality!

Handheld GPS Systems

Best GPS Units 2016

In this day and time, no one should ever be or feel lost.  Technology brings us devices that can tell us exactly where we are on this earth.  Satellite global positioning system (GPS) devices – handheld and automobile – provide accurate readings on directional information.  Orbiting the earth are many communications satellites that continually receive and transmit data, communications, other information all around the world.

pupug navigator compatible with windows best GPS 2016

A GPS device receives and interprets data from three or more satellites and provides accurate information.  A GPS unit also has the capability to transmit and receive information to other locations.  An example is a GPS tracking system for an automobile – you can obtain directions on which roads to travel to arrive at specific destinations as well as seeing your exact location on earth.  Cell phone technology has been enabled authorities to track and locate subjects  using phone signals and cell towers, and many companies record the location and speed of their vehicles and drivers using GPS systems and are able to transmit the information back to home offices.

Garmin oregon 450 GPS navigator

Wireless Weather Forecasters

Weather for wireless networks

Weather affects everyone; we want to know the weather forecast before making ‎plans for outside activities.  The latest and most popular weather forecasting gadgets ‎make life easy for those leading busy lives whose schedules revolve around away ‎from home activities.  Touch-screen technology is getting more and more popular ‎and now puts the latest and most current weather reports at the touch of your ‎fingertips.  Portable devices are in demand and wireless weather forecasters are ‎feature-rich with readings in brilliant colors for avid and experienced weather ‎watchers.