Pitt and Jolie – Couple Reveal They’re in No Hurry To Wed

Although the popular duo of Jolie and Pitt’s engagement brought out a lot of hype in celebrity talk, the engagement may become a long one. Only a month past the big event when Pitt placed the custom made rock on the love of his life’s finger, he reveals they are in no rush to tie the proverbial knot.


Per Pitt, the two actually have not talked about a date as he is busy promoting his new gangster movie, Killing Them Softly. He shares that they are not abandoning their original position that they would like same sex marriage to be legalized before they unite in marriage. His exact tone is that the couple hopes that the US can figure out marriage equality before their big date.

When asked why he decided to give Jolie a ring, his response was that it was a good time and it made sense to the duo. As he attended the Cannes Film Festival alone this year, Pitt showed up in a white T-shirt and grey suit, saying that Jolie was too busy working on her new film “Maleficent.” He goes on to say she is prepping for the movie.

Even though the “other half” of the couple did not attend, she was often the topic of conversation. Brad was hit with an interesting question about whether the couple, who met and fell in love on the set of “Mr. and Mrs. Smith” when he was married to Jennifer Anderson, would consider costarring in another movie. Pitt’s response was, “Sure, we’d love to.” A while back it was hinted that the duo might be working together in “The Counselor,” but Cameron Diaz will be staring in the role. Pitt’s new thriller will hit theaters in September.

It’s obvious that the perfect couple of Pitt and Jolie are getting married, but when is something nobody knows, not even them. However, if the gay marriage issue gets resolved, it might be the day after that. Don’t hold your breath! If they wait that long, it will give Angelina plenty of time to choose a wedding dress, and shoes, and bridesmaid dresses, and tuxes, and flowers, get a pedi, or anything else she wants to do.

Could it be that the couple is trying to get past the paparazzi with their festivities? That would be a brilliant move, although Pitt promises they have set no date. As the Cannes festival continues, Pitt’s new film boasts a “slippery black-comic tone” and makes symbolic use of footage from the 2008 presidential campaign with empty campaign promises, plenty from Obama, and set the stage for much of the action in the movie.


Pitt vows that he is not interested in viewers seeing the film as his views or any persuasion of voter choice in the 2012 election. That may be a hard one, but he might be able to divert the attention from the movie theme if he would offer up a September wedding for the couple.