Real Estate Luxury of the Celebs

There’s always been a desire to pass mansions from celebrity to celebrity in the Los Angeles area. The most recent change is the Beverly Hills Estate that “Idol” host Ryan Seacrest has in escrow to purchase for thirty seven million from Ellen DeGeneres and her partner Portia de Rossi.  The 9,200 square foot beauty has a main house and three guest houses, a swimming pool and koi ponds.


The most desirable feature of the Degeneres estate is its LA privacy with ordinances that won’t allow any future constructions of high walls and hedges, meaning that there are a very limited number of homes that will keep outsiders from catching any glimpse of the property, another reason the stars seem to trade the properties between them.  They own the best of the best.

The first criteria for a celebrity home is the privacy to keep the paparazzi away offers Billy Rose of The Agency, a popular LA luxury real estate firm.  He said when you drive a celeb around to view properties, the paparazzi is usually tagging along right on your heels. He goes on to say that his clients usually like properties tucked away behind long gated drives garnering guard houses and extreme security systems. Another local agent, Jade Mills, reveals that she has worked with everyone from Brittney Spears to Jerry Seinfeld and seclusion is the biggest amenity they are looking for.

Top homes of the celebrity 100 may include ones such as the Hollywood Hills home of Katy Perry who kept the 6.5 million dollar mansion from her divorce. Hitting the Forbes list at a gross worth of $45 million and number 8 on the list, she is spending a million to make updates and give it her own taste.

Then there’s the Trousdale Estate property of Jennifer Aniston, who is number 22 on the Celeb 100 list. She remodeled her estate and sold it last year for over 37 million as she was moving to NYC. She did not like her privacy in NY and ended up back in a 21 million Trousdale Estates home with four bedrooms six and a half baths, and a gated driveway to get rid of photographers.

Lots of the newer generation stars have been dumping their millions into real estate.  One in particular, Justin Bieber, hit the real estate market recently as the number 3 on the 100 list tried to scoop up a lakefront modern glass crafted steel and concrete Hollywood Hills home for 10.8 million, but Ashton Kutcher (51 on the 100 list) who was the tenant at the time, beat him to the draw.


While disappointed at the loss of the deal, Bieber moved on to settle for a 10,000 square foot Calabasas California home in the celebrity gated neighborhood called the Oaks, home to the Kardashians.  The home has 6 bedrooms, 7 baths, two garages and an elevator. While luxury is a criteria for the celebrity house hunting list, privacy is a must if they have any sort of normalcy in their home life.