Relationship Drama On “Scandal”

President Fitzgerald, played by Tony Goldwyn, is in deep trouble. This character has a reporter hot on the trail of the new scent- President Fitzgerald’s possible affair with Amanda Tanner, played by Liza Weil.


On top of the complications with his personal life, the uninvited, unwanted attention about illicit affairs is driving the President and his chief of staff, Cyrus, played by Jeff Perry, further and further apart. Fitzgerald is also trying to have a relationship with someone he considers the love of his life, Olivia, played by Kerry Washington. However, the relationship seems like it’s not getting very far, especially when she takes on Amanda Tanner as a client.

When asked how Fitzgerald felt about having Amanda as a client, Goldwyn stated that Fitzgerald feels divided about it.

He feels guilty for allowing the situation to come about to begin with. He feels like he’s been stupid, and he is heartbroken that Olivia won’t talk to him. He also feels betrayed. Also, he’s upset because Olivia won’t talk to him. He keeps telling her that she knows him, because he feels like she knows him better than anybody else. He’s worried that she has lost faith in him, and he is angry at her for her pride. He feels it got in the way of her judgment.scandal-kiss

Fitzgerald is also worried about Olivia because she is a formidable opponent, professionally. She won’t give up, or let go, and she is uncompromisingly honest in her job.

President Fitzgerald is also clashing with Cyrus. He trusts him, but they see the same picture two different ways. He trusts Cyrus, but he could not talk to him about Olivia, because he couldn’t tell anyone about how he felt. He didn’t think that Cyrus would understand. When he does decide to tell Cyrus, he has to explain why he didn’t tell him before, and it makes it that much more clear to Cyrus that he wasn’t trusted to begin with.

When Fitzgerald and Cyrus finally get all of it out in the open, and they can share their thoughts on it, Cyrus’ faith in his friendship is restored.

Then, there is the First Lady. She is smart, and demands that the President’s relationship with her is one that is a true business relationship.

When all of this is resolved, the President still has to deal with the Vice President. Fitzgerald’s political stance is that of a moderate Republican, while his Vice President, played by Kate Burton, is a very staunch right-wing Republican. Due to the conflicts between them, it can cause a lot of conflict. He also has to worry about the Vice President’s Chief of Staff. Billy, Chief of Staff, might be an issue in the future. He’s smart, and its hard to get anything over on him.

One thing’s for sure, with all the drama surrounding his personal life, and all of the intricacies of the individual relationships that make up the show, President Fitzgerald has a hard row to hoe for himself.