Road Runner, Free Long Distance and GREAT TV

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When you think of Time Warner, more often than not you think of great movies, classic cartoons and a wealth of great television programming. The last things you really think about are surfing the net, calling your buddy in Canada or your local news. But, thanks to the great folks at Time Warner Cable, you get to actually have all of those from the same company that brings you all of those great movies too!

In terms of cable programming, there are few companies that can match the caliber of programming that Time Warner brings to the table. Not only do you get the hundreds of channels you come to expect from a cable provider, but you get satellite radio stations and CD quality audio delivered right to your home theater system anytime you want. And with the advent of HD programming, anyone with an HDTV now has a plethora of outstanding quality channels specifically devoted to taking the best advantage possible of the newest of television technologies. Regardless of which HD channel you flip to, they all look stupendous on even the least expensive HDTV’s available.

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But the newest thing that Time Warner has developed is also the one that’s having the most impact in America. With Time Warner’s telephone service, not only do you get digital quality audio, just like the digital audio you get from the CD and satellite radio stations, but you also get unlimited long distance anywhere in the US and Canada. And as an added bonus, Time Warner includes all the great calling features you’ve come to expect from a phone company. Call waiting, call blocking, caller ID and Caller ID with Call Waiting and more are all included for the same price. No extra fees, no surprises. And with incredibly low prices on international calling, why spend over a hundred dollars a month to the phone company when you can get Time Warner telephone for a fraction of that?

Roadrunner high speed internet

And when you think about internet service, Time Warner delivers. High speed internet connectivity supplied by Road Runner means an always on connection that really moves. Streaming video and audio, massive file downloads at 8 megs per second, and with the benefits and features available at the Time Warner home site, comparing Road Runner internet with any other is just an exercise. Time Warner definitely delivers the best.

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So when you stop and look at where the technologies of the future are going to take us, you’ve got to take a look at where we’ve been and who’s been there, is still here, and will be here in the future. Time Warner has been a part of the industry with movies and television shows from almost the very beginning. When movies started in the early 1920’s, Warner was there. When television broadcasts began in the mid 1940’s. it wasn’t long before Warner was there. When cable TV started building out in the late 1970’s and early 1980’s, Warner was there. And now, with HDTV and internet and telephones, Warner is still there. Sticking with the company that has been and will be here has got to be the way to go.