Similarities of Palin and Kardashian

It’s hard not to see the similarities between Sarah Palin and Kim Kardashian as they both continue to collect and string along a long list of followers and fans as well as draw a huge amount of criticism and ridicule from the public. Other things that give the two phenomenal celebrities a similar popularity is how the two established their sensational status as self made celebs, relying on reality TV to get them where they are in the world today.  Probably the most identical things about them is the fact that both love to be photographed and remain in the

Kardashian’s declaration to run for mayor of Glendale, California, had drawn triple criticism. First off, the requirements will not allow anybody to run and the stipulations are far from what Kardashian explained she would do.  According to Aedashes Kassakhian, the city’s clerk, Kim would have to establish residency there for 90 days and be registered to vote.

Secondly, she must collect 100 signatures as endorsements. It was also revealed that you do not run for the office of Mayor in Glendale as it is not an elected position there. The city’s mayor is chosen by a majority vote of the city council and you must serve on the council first. The position of Mayor is rotated every year. OOPS!  Little mistake there by Kim allowing the public again to crucify her.

Palin served as the mayor of Wasilla, Alaska before she was elected governor and prior to her 2008 vice-presidential race. During election time in 2008, she had the bashers, just like Kardashian is experiencing now. Palin revealed that one of the “good ol’ boys” told her she would never be mayor because she had three strikes against her, children Track, Willow, and Bristol.

At that time, Palin, a 32 year old mother of three had a college degree and a stint on the city council post, something that Kardashian has failed to obtain.  However, with a society that is obsessed with celebrities, it is conceivable that things like Kardashian’s 14 million Twitter followers verses Palin’s 800,000 may outweigh all the experience in the public opinion. Who knows? In Glendale, after an appointment to the city council, your peers on the council vote you into the mayorship. Maybe Kim should have done a little research before she popped off her comment about running for mayor.  You think?


Thousands of online bashers have been cutting Kim’s comments about running for the Glendale mayoral stint as they make fun of her ambitions. It’s hard to take someone serious that jumps from a 72 day marriage into the arms of another and then ties to deny the relationship.  One comment from wonders whether Kardashian can even spell “Glendale.”  When you put your whole life out there, you just have to expect you will be a spectacle in everything you do and say.

After Palin showed resilient charisma as she led a Labor Day weekend rally in the pouring rain that followers hoped would reveal a run for the 2012 presidency, the consensus is, don’t ever underestimate the power of a woman with great ambitions who has a lot of energy.  Kim and Sarah have traits that fit this category and both might surprise you.