Sling TV Review – Cable TV Alternative Starting at $20 Per Month

Sling TV has taken the entertainment industry by storm. It is offering TV viewers amazing plans that bring them both on-demand and live TV, just like pay TV, but at prices that look more like those of streaming services. The consumers are loving the experience. This is just the tip of the iceberg. Sling TV offers a lot more than just this. Here are all the plans and programming that Sling has to offer. This should help you learn everything you need to know about the service.


Standard Plans

Sling TV is the closest thing you can get to a-la-carte TV service. That is how customizable its services are. It offers three pre-packaged plans, so that its users do not have to do all the hard work. Here are the plans:

Sling Orange

The cheapest of all Sling Plans, Sling Orange costs only $20 a month. It offers more than 30 channels to its subscribers. Though the channel count is low, they are all popular and quality picks. You will have access to ESPN, AMC, CNN, Comedy Central, TNT, TBS, Food Network, History Channel, and more. All these channels ensure that you get to enjoy a little bit of every type of programming. Further, you get access to the on-demand library of Sling TV, which means more entertainment. Sling Orange offers you only one stream per subscription, which can become quite limiting.

Sling Blue

This plan offers more entertainment options with over 40 channels. It is priced at an affordable monthly fee of $25. Just like Sling Orange, this pack offers a mix of popular and niche channels. You get all the channels that are offered in the previous plan, plus some more. The good news is that the extra $5 not only bring you more channels, but multiple streams as well, which obviously sweetens the deal.

Sling Orange+Blue

As the name suggests, this plan offers everything that the Sling Orange and the Sling Blue packs do. The price obviously goes up and this time, it’s a $15 jump. This pushes the monthly subscription fee of Sling Orange+Blue pack to $40.


This is a really cool addition by Sling TV. ‘Extras’ are add-on packs that Sling TV has curated to appeal to the unique tastes of each of its subscribers. Each of these add-on packs includes channels that offer niche programming and are offered together for a flat price of $5 per month. That’s right, just $5 a month. Here are all the currently available ‘Extra’ packs with Sling TV.

Sports Extra:  If you are not satiated with the sports channels that you get with your standard plan, you can always get this Sports Extra. It offers channels like NHL Network, NBA TV, ESPN Bases Loaded, ESPN Goal Line, Motors TV North Am, Campus Insiders, PAC12 Network, and more, taking the total sports channel count to 15.

Kids’ Extra: Subscribers can look forward to getting popular channels like Disney Junior, Nick Jr., Nicktoons, Boomerang, Baby TV, and more with this pack.

Broadcast Extra: This pack includes channels like Univision, Unimas and ABC. It is already included in the highest Sling Plan. So subscribers of that plan need not buy it.

World News Extra: For an Orange subscriber, this Extra gives them access to BBC World News, News18, HLN, euronews, NDTV 24×7, and more. A Blue subscriber will get MSNBC and CNBC in addition to all these channels.

Hollywood Extra: Get ready to be dazzled by the world of cinema with channels like TCM, Sundance TV, all the Epix channels, and HDNET Movies.

Comedy Plus Extra: Laugh your hearts out with comedy shows and stand up acts on channels like Logo, TV Land, TruTv, MTV, MTV2, GSN, CMT and Spike.

LifeStyle Extra: If you are looking for music, travel shows, cooking channels, or other niche programming, turn to this Extra. This pack brings you channels like VH1, FYI, Cooking Channel, Vibrant, BET, DIY, Hallmark Channel, Lifetime Movie Network, Hallmark Movies & Mysteries, WE TV, Oxygen, and E!

Premium Packages

Let’s come to the premium packages. Sling TV allows you to add certain premium channels like HBO and Cinemax to your basic Sling TV plans. All the premium channels are grouped into premium packages, each of which cost more than the add-on packs. For instance, the HBO pack gives you access to all the HBO channels for a monthly fee of $15.

Regional Programming

All of this international, national, and premium content on offer should be enough for most TV viewers. But, Sling TV is not done yet.

Apart from the standard plans, Extras, and premium plans, it also offers regional programming. These channels are included in the Regional Extras and they can cost anywhere between $5 and $15 a month.

Best of Spanish TV Extra: Enjoy the famous telenovellas and movies with a pack of 15 Spanish channels for just $5 per month.

Caribe Extra: Enjoy some Caribbean entertainment at just $5 a month for 7 channels.

Hindi Channels: This is for the Hindi-speaking Indian population, who can get their desi fix at a monthly fee of $5.

Chinese Extra: Cannot find native Chinese entertainment anywhere? No worries. Sling has it. You just have to pay a mere $5 a month for as many as 13 Chinese channels.

Italiano Extra: Enjoy some exciting Italian television and movies with this Extra pack by paying a monthly subscription fee of $10.

Urdu-India Extra: Pay just $10 a month and get 8 Urdu channels for your entertainment.

There are many other extra packs like Sudamerica Extra, Espana Extra, Shahid Arabic Extra, TV Globo Brazilian Extra, and World Music Extra that offer multiple channels at different subscription fee.


Once you have customized your plans to your preferences, you will realize that the cost of your final a la carte package is way cheaper than your pay TV subscription. In fact, even if you buy everything available from Sling TV, it will come out to be $194 per month. Needless to say, no matter which pack of add-on you choose, you will never exceed this number. Moreover, you will be paying only for the channels that you want to watch. There is no service fee, no installation fee, no equipment fee, nor any other hidden charges. What’s more, with Sling TV, you can change your plans every month and pay only for what you wish to watch that month. This is true freedom, indeed.