Sweat is Rolling as the Stakes Get Higher on Week Nine of “Dancing with the Stars”

Let the dancing begin, but teams better bring their “A” game to the semi final competition of the week nine performances of “Dancing with the Stars.” Dancers will be judged on two dances, stepping up the need for perfection.

First up in week nine is William and Cheryl with a sexy and upbeat Tango. Len thought it was great but could have been a tiny bit sharper. Bruno called William the dictator of the dance, and Carrie Ann agrees that he was in control, but his shimmies were a bit off as the judges give them a 28 for the first dance of the night.dancing-with-the-stars

The duo shakes it up with a very hot Samba for their second dance that Bruno thought was sexy. Carry Ann said it left her breathless and Len loved it all. The dance earned them a perfect 30 for a 58 point total.

The second team, Katherine and Mark, have a blast as they perform their Quickstep.

Bruno said it was a perfect rendition of the roaring 20’s dance. Carrie Ann said they did not bring their “A” game, but their “A Plus” game as she slates it as the best dance ever on the show. Len, of course, saw that Mark hit Katherine with his knee so he gives them a 9, as usual, holding the duo to a 29 score.

Their sexy Samba ends in an awkward moment when Katherine retches her back. Carrie Ann said it was fantastic as Katherine pushes her boundaries. Len says she gave it 100% and Bruno tells her not to worry about the end since it was great to that point as they get a 27 to total them up at 56 for the night.

Donald and Peta decide to slow things down with their gallantly flowing Waltz. Carrie Ann says she liked the love story, but saw a few missed steps. Len said it was charming but Donald needed to move his head more to the left. Bruno characterized it as a blossoming romance. They earned a 28 for their first dance.

For the second competition, they pull off a fun Samba.  Len thought it was too careful but well done. Bruno thought is was great considering it was outside the box of a normal Samba, and Carrie Ann gave them all smiles as she loved it too. With a near perfect 29, the couple ends up with a 57 for the night.

It’s time for the treat of Maria and Derek, as they perform an upbeat and emotional Argentine Tango that had Len caught up in the whole dance. Bruno felt the purpose and meaning in every step and Carrie Ann was not able to find adequate words to express the pleasure she felt. The couple pulls a perfect score from the judges.



For their second dance, the duo offered up a super Jive.  Bruno really liked the unexpected details, Carrie Ann said it was another stunner, and Len said the rhythm was fantastic although it was not a traditional Jive.  Again because of Len’s 9, the couple pulled a 29 for the Jive but a top score of 59 for the night.

Elimination night on Tuesday night on ABC will be emotional as the four remaining teams have proved they deserve to still be in the competition. Regardless of the judges scores, the teams are at the mercy of the popular fan vote, which does not always yield the best dancers.