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Home Entertainment Comparison



Satellite TV

Costs (every month): Varies

Selection: Large

Satellite TV is relatively inexpensive and it is more affordable when compared to Cable TV. The downside of Satellite TV is the fact that it cannot endure bad weather conditions. With Satellite TV, you can expect a long- term contract. Furthermore, you can also install it anywhere where you can set up a dish and you will get service.

Cable TV

Costs (each month): Varies (more expensive than satellite)

Selection: Large

Both Cable TV and Satellite TV are great choices, however from the two Cable TV will be a better choice since it can endure bad weather conditions. Cable TV offers a multitude of movies and TV shows, and it is a bit more expensive compared to Satellite TV. The drawback of Cable TV is the fact that there needs to be a Cable TV firm in your area that will be able to set up the cable to your home so that you can receive service.  For this reason, people that stay in rural areas won’t be able to make use of Cable TV. But, for those that are apartment renters or for individuals that prefer not to be attached to long-term contracts, this will be a good choice.

PlayStation Vue

Costs (per month): $50

Selection: Good assortment

PlayStation Vue can often be compared to Sling TV, for the reason that both use the internet to stream movies and shows and neither of them require a contract. However, PlayStation Vue comes with a $30 price increase. The good thing about PlayStation Vue is the fact that it doesn’t require any extra USB sticks or boxes. For the additional $30, clients can expect a couple of extra features. On the other hand, PlayStation Vue is only available to people who reside in New York City, Philadelphia and Chicago, and these people have to be in the possession of a PS3 or PS4 to use it. If you are among those people that fall into this slim group, you can test PlayStation Vue for free, making use of their trial.



Traditional satellite and cable TV are dying, and the industry is familiar with it. And the fact that internet access can now be acquired by all people, it’s wise that competitors are looking to shift their attention onto digital streaming, however satellite and cable TV continues to have several benefits whilst still holding a huge percentage of the industry. Why? With traditional TV, you will never have to worry about something to watch, and you will always come across a new show. Furthermore, if you choose the correct package, according to your interest, you will be investing your money wisely.

Sling TV

Costs (each month): $20

Selection: Standard package features an excellent variety and add-ons are available


Sling TV can be enjoyed by everyone, anywhere, anytime on your TV, smartphone or tablet. Sling TV markets using the slogan “take back TV.” Due to its affordable monthly fee and the fact that it does not call for installation, Sling TV is taking over the market. The concept of Sling TV is quite unique and the growing client base agrees. The standard $20/month package will provide you with a couple of your favorite channels which includes the Disney channel, ESPN, TNT, and a lot more. They even include add-on packages such as Travel and Kids to help you to select the channels that fit your interest.


Costs (each month): $49 to $99 (just once)

Selection: Continuously growing with great assortment

Roku is a creative idea for smart TV. As an alternative to being a service or a site, it’s basically a device you purchase only once. It is possible to decide on a Roku TV, Roku box or streaming stick. As soon as you purchase the device, you will find no monthly fees. Roku provides you with more than two-thousand channels, and they add more on a regular basis. While no fees are directly being charged by Roku, a few of the channels do call for subscriptions; however, they are usually reasonably priced. Roku is growing to be more and more popular for a substitute to cable because of the one-time cost and the continuously growing variety.


Costs (each month): $7.99

Selection: Great collection of more recent shows and movies

In case you don’t have cable, but would like to stay up do date with the most recent movies and TV shows, then opt for Hulu. They have an incredible collection of TV shows and new releases which is updated daily. The downside about Hulu is that all movies and shows should be watched as soon as possible, since they remove the old ones to make room for the new ones. Hulu has an extensive range for everyone, for instance, kid’s shows, like Dora and Spongebob, as well as new releases like Grimm and Agent Carter. They also provide an excellent collection of reality shows.

Amazon Instant Video

Costs (each month): involve a $99/year Prime Membership fee

Selection:  TV Shows and movies, both new and old

While Amazon Instant Video requires a $99 annual Prime membership, this membership comes with a free 2-day shipping on virtually every purchase you make at Amazon. Another downside would be the fact that even though you pay for Prime, this does not mean that all movies are free, you will still find that there are certain movies which require a rental fee of $2.99. With this $99 annual Prime Membership, users can expect a multitude of movies and shows to choose from. Furthermore, you can also look forward to Amazon’s series that are exclusive only on Amazon Instant Video.


Costs (each month): Starts from as little as $7.99

Selection: Wide array of TV shows and movies

Netflix is by far the most affordable when it comes to Smart TV. From as little as $7.99 per month, users can look forward to a multitude of movies at an affordable price. Although most of their movies are older classics, you can also find some TV shows, popular once and those that you might have never heard of before, since they got cancelled before finalizing the first season. However, Netflix is currently busy upgrading their selection of new movies and TV shows. Furthermore, viewers can expect a few series that was produced by Netflix itself.


Each of these options are excellent choices, you just need to take a look at your budget and interest. Netflix, Amazon and Hulu are good choices for those that are tired of Live TV. Roku would be perfect for those that likes a wide variety and would not like to pay monthly fees. If you like the idea of Live TV, however, prefers not to waste money on several channels that you will never watch, then opt for Sling TV. People who live in the areas where PlayStation Vue are offered, test it for free, who knows maybe you’ll love it. Finally, Traditional Satellite and Cable TV is the best option if you like the idea that there is always something to watch.