The ‘Adventurous’ Women Of “Girls”

All adventurous women do.  Marnie’s boyfriend has a surprise for her.  She opens her eyes and is even further disgusted by her overly sweet boyfriend when she finds that he has shaved his head.  Marnie ridicules him for it until he reveals that he has done it for a woman at work with cancer.

Hannah comes out of her room dressed in gothic clothing and heads over to Adam’s house.  When she arrives he lets her up and they make love until the morning and for a second their relationship actually looks sincere.  He ruins it a little bit when he tells her that she needs to lose three or four pounds but they seem happy.

Hannah gets a phone call while in bed from her gynecologist telling her that she has HPV and she assumes that Adam gave it to her.  When she confronted him however he said that he got tested last week and was clean so she must have gotten it from someone else.

When Hannah tells Marnie the news Marnie starts crying and immediately follows her sorrow with a suggestion for Hannah to look for a job to pay rent.  Hannah complains that she has pre-cancer that she most likely got from her ex-boyfriend Elijah and hangs up the phone.

Jessa has gotten a job as a babysitter and shows up wearing a completely see-through garment that is completely appropriate for her but inappropriate for the job.  The Mother discloses that she will be gone for a while leaving Jessa to take care of the kids.

In the meantime Hannah goes over to Shoshannah’s house to use the bathroom and eat a cupcake when the two get caught up talking about their baggage.  Shoshannah’s biggest baggage is that she is a virgin while Hannah’s is that she was just diagnosed with HPV.

Shoshannah tells Hannah that Jessa also has HPV, all adventurous women do.  And she tells her that to be courteous she should tell Elijah that he probably spread it.

That evening Marnie goes to an art gallery opening and meets an artist that she looks up to.  Her boss tells the two to sleep with each other and leaves them alone.  He seduces her to the point that she resorts to masturbating in the bathroom and the viewers have to wait and see what develops there next week.

Hannah sets up a meeting with Elijah to tell him about the STD.  However, he cuts her off before she can start and tells her that he is gay.  She is angered and the two get into a heated argument about his gayness and the inability to detect HPV in men.  He leaves telling her that her father is gay.

Jessa has fallen asleep at the job and is woken up by the husband when he returns home.  The two flirt for a while until it is awkwardly stopped by Beatrice who is woken by their talking.

Hannah and Marnie both resort home to their apartment and listen to music like adventurous women do.