The Plot Thickens as Emily Faces Danger in Finale of “Revenge”

The final episode of the hit TV series begins with Emily screaming for Daniel, making him believe that a white-haired man was seen fleeing from her house. Daniel is devastated when he figures out that the incriminating evidence on his father is missing from his briefcase. His father thinks he knows who is behind the theft, but also understands his leverage is gone. However, neither of them know that the evidence is in Emily’s possession.

When Emily tries to read what is on the disk, it is encrypted so she seeks Nolan’s help but can’t locate him. When she arrives at Nolan’s place, she finds his laptop showing a live stream of him shackled to a wall. Emily let’s the white haired man know who she is and arranges a person to person meeting with him. She voluntarily lets him take her captive so she can get to Nolan’s location as she wakes up next to him, also chained to the wall.


Emily tells the white haired man that the evidence in hidden in a bus terminal locker and he has one hour to get to it before a programmed email is sent to the authorities. Once he leaves, Emily picks the locks on the shackles and sends Nolan off to deliver the evidence to McGowen at the SEC. Her last instructions are for him to tell Jack she loves him if she doesn’t make it out of the situation.

When the white haired man returns, Emily is waiting for him with a large metallic axe. As Emily pins the man to the floor after a vicious battle seeking revenge for killing her father, she wants her face to be the last thing he sees before his dies. She then has thoughts of her and her father caring for a wounded bird and decides that best way to honor her father is to embrace the qualities her loved in her as she lets the man live.

Meanwhile Jack returns the million dollar check to Daniel. Then Daniel confronts Emily about kissing Jack, which she does not deny.  She tells Daniel that he has become everything he said he never wanted to be, a Grayson, as she returns the engagement ring to him.  She later tells Nolan that she is going to tell Jack everything.

Conrad bribes Lydia with a big ring and tells her to get out of town but she is going to recant her testimony as Victoria persuades her after she finds out that Conrad not only framed David, but also killed him. The white haired man lets Conrad know the evidence in is the hands of the SEC, headed for Washington on a plane. Conrad tells Victoria that if she takes that flight, it will be the last thing she ever does to him.

Emily stops by the Stowaway to see Jack, but gets a big shock when she discovers Amanda is back and she is pregnant. She tells Amanda she and Jack are having a baby. Emily is crushed as she tells Nolan what has happened. Back at Grayson Manor, Daniel is also dealing with a broken heart as he shares a drink with Ashley who tells him she will always have his back.

Lydia and Victoria board the plane as the white haired man does some last minute checks. Later Charlotte sees a news report that a government chartered plane has crashed and her mother was on it. She tries to call Declan, but he won’t answer. She takes a handful of pills. Conrad can’t revive her when he finds her in her room.


Emily is devastated as she sees the news, knowing all her evidence to exonerate her father was on the plane. However, Nolan lets her know he made copies before he gave it to the SEC guy.  A conversation between Victoria and Conrad and the white haired man surprises Emily as she learns that her mother may actually be alive.