Things You Didn’t Know About Girls (TV Show)



Girls is an American television series originally premiering on HBO in 2012. The show was created and stars Lena Dunham. The dramedy follows a close group of twenty-something year olds who live in New York City. Dunham’s real life experiences greatly influenced the story’s major plot developments. The series currently has four seasons that have aired to date, and has been renewed for a fifth season.

Like many shows before it, Girls is a coming of age story that follows Hannah (Dunham) as she grapples with becoming financially dependent and creating a life for herself without her parents supporting her any longer.

Girls has received praise for its realistic portrayal of women in the media, allowing for men to understand what real women are like. Inspired by her real life experiences, Dunham is able to masterfully create realistic characters that have both depth and personality. Saying that her show represents the lifestyle of women between Sex and the City and Gossip Girl, Girls provides a real view into the lives of women in the twenties who are desperately trying to figure out how life works.

The show was rated highly on Metacritic, receiving an approval rating of 87 out of 100 based on 29 reviews. James Poniewozik from Time credited the show as being “raw, audacious, nuance and richly, often excruciatingly funny.” Tim Goodman of The Hollywood Reporter was quoted as having said that Girls is “one of the most original, spot-on, no-missed-steps series in recent memory.” Similarly, the second season received equally high acclaim, receiving an overall rating of 88 on Metacritic based on 19 reviews. The third season received generally positive reviews, though only receiving an overall rating of 76 on Metacritic this time around. Girls has been nominated for 36 awards and has won 8 of them overall.girls-main-character

Dunham’s realistic characterization of women and their struggles in the early and mid-twenties has brought to light a series of assumptions the media had previously thought accurate, specifically, the question of abortion and how it affects the woman.  In Dunham’s version, however, it was a straightforward decision without the sensationalized drama. It was a medical procedure that was made with the patient’s best interests in mind. Dunham has accomplished a great feat in this depiction. She has shown a greater variety of how women deal with and consider abortion. For some, it’s an emotional struggle, and for others it’s a no-brainer.

The most important lesson by far in the series, however, is the struggle that many young adults have when it comes to deciphering what it means to be an “adult.” From a very young age, we’re told that being an adult is paying bills and having a house. It’s getting married and having children. However, Dunham has a different definition for being an adult, one that has very little to do with age, and everything to do with mental and emotional maturity. This refreshing take on real-life struggles of young adults, and women in particularly, is one of the few amazing aspects of Girls that allows the show to be all-encompassing despite its title and focus on women. It’s a show that demonstrates the universal struggles of women and twenty-somethings in general. Hop over here to find more television and Internet entertainment with Comcast Internet Plans.