What’s Halle Berry Up to These Days?

Although Halle Berry had no idea what her fiancé, Oliver Martinez, and her daughter Nahla who is only 4 years old were doing for her on Mother’s day, she did reveal to reporters that the two of them were in “cahoots” about their plans as they were scheming something up for Berry that was their secret. Berry goes on to say that no matter what it is, if it comes from the two of them it will be simply fantastic.Halle-berry-on-set

Halle offers that Nahla’s best personality trait is her sense of humor, so chances are it will be something to make her and every one else laugh. The actor says that she sees her daughter as incredibly funny and with a huge smile that covers her entire face. While Berry says she also has a funny side that no one gets to see, her daughter is much funnier, very witty, and has just an all around great sense of humor that everybody loves, especially her mother.

On a totally serious note, Berry just finished serving as co-host of the weekend’s 19th Annual EIF Revlon Run/Walk for Women in Los Angeles.  After working with the charities, Berry reveals that becoming a mother has furthered her dedication to the many causes such as raising money for fighting breast cancer in women.

Halley Berry says she always thought she was aware of women’s health issues since she was a woman, but after she had Nahla and became a mother, she is now more concerned and wants to do everything she can to help protect her.  The actor goes on to say that being part of programs that raise awareness for women will ultimately one day help her child and is really important to her.

Oliver and Martinez have been engaged since March, but up until recently, Berry has been quiet about it. When asked about it, Berry said, “Who knew I’d get engaged again?” as she laughed at her own comment at the red carpet event. She said she is living proof that one should “never say never.” Incidentally, in 2007, Berry swore that she would never get married again.

What’s the ring like?  Martinez revealed it was a one-of-a-kind that he purchased from his Paris neighbor and it can not be replaced says the jeweler. Martinez who is 46 and Berry who’s 45 met while filming the 2010 Dark Tide and became close in no time. Was it fate or love at first sight? Previously, the actress was married to professional baseball player, David Justice, and singer, Eric Benét.


Berry wants to move to France with Nahla and her fiancé because of the paparazzi. However, Gabriel Aubry, Nahla’s father,  is fighting the move in a custody battle that’s about to begin.  According to the child custody evaluation, the move would damage the relationship between the child and her father. The evaluation minces no words as it states that Gabriel’s relationship with Nahla would change drastically if she moves to France. Nahla’s father takes her to and from preschool and spends as much time as possible with her as he can under the current custody agreement and her move to France would basically cut him completely out of her life.  Berry is anxious about the outcome but will not make a move until the issue is settled.