Why Was 911 Called For Lindsay Lohan?

In the early morning hours of June 15, Lindsay Lohan reportedly told members of the production team for the made-for-TV movie “Liz and Dick” that she was not feeling well during a phone call. She mentioned that she was feeling exhausted. Due to her reports, the production team sent a private doctor to examine her. While he was en route, the doctor contacted the hotel, to ask someone to check on Lohan. When someone from the hotel went to Lohan’s room, they came back and told the doctor that she was not coming to the door. In response, someone from the production team called 911.


Paramedics did respond to the call, but determined there was nothing physically wrong with her. They did not take her to the emergency room at the local hospital, and Lohan did not go, herself.

Witnesses say that Lohan had been shooting for 48 hours straight, with no sleep, on set. After shooting, she went back to her hotel room at the Ritz Carlton, in Marina del Rey, to get some rest. It was after her two day stint on the site, where the movie is being filmed, that she was reported as unresponsive. However, after the paramedics left, she was back on set that same morning, shooting some more.

The whole incident may have been blown out of proportion, slightly, by the male nurse that made the emergency call. The nurse is employed by the production company, and made the call when Lohan was reported as unresponsive. When he made the call to emergency services, he stated that it was a code three emergency. The code is used to quickly state the seriousness of a situation in the event of an emergency. Using the code tells the 911 operator that the situation is possibly life-threatening, and it is asking for the use of sirens and lights to get to the location as quickly as possible.

The recording of the 911 call has been made public. However, due to California law, some parts have been blanked out. Therefore, the entire conversation can not be heard.

A representative for the actress released a statement after the incident. In the statement, the representative said that Lohan worked from 7:00 pm the previous night, until 8:00 am the next morning. She returned to her hotel room to take a nap before shooting her final scene. The statement goes on to explain that the paramedics were called by the producers when Lohan did not come out of her room, and was considered unresponsive.


Apparently, the actress has put in some serious time for this movie. She tweeted about the incident, later, saying she had worked as much as 85 hours in four days, after which, she stayed up all night to film more. In the tweet, Lohan said seven paramedics showed up to her room after the call.

Although there have been other incidents of Lohan in the news, recently, it seems that she is serious about her work.