Wireless Weather Forecasters

Weather for wireless networks

Weather affects everyone; we want to know the weather forecast before making ‎plans for outside activities.  The latest and most popular weather forecasting gadgets ‎make life easy for those leading busy lives whose schedules revolve around away ‎from home activities.  Touch-screen technology is getting more and more popular ‎and now puts the latest and most current weather reports at the touch of your ‎fingertips.  Portable devices are in demand and wireless weather forecasters are ‎feature-rich with readings in brilliant colors for avid and experienced weather ‎watchers.  Wifi connections

Each wireless full-featured device gives you more information than just the ‎temperature – today’s technology can even tell you how it feels outside.  The range ‎of meteorological information is vast and includes forecasts.  The majority of wireless ‎weather forecasters include accurate displays of indoor and outdoor temperature, ‎indoor and outdoor humidity, out door heat index, barometric air pressure and ‎tendency indicator, outdoor dew point, rainfall, wind speed/chill factor, current ‎weather forecast and 12-20 hour in advance forecast, 12 animated ‎moon phases with twinkling stars, sun and moon rise/set, radio-controlled time and ‎date, temperature alarm and indoor comfort icon (multiple alarm modes are ‎programmable for specific weather conditions), PC software to record up to 1,750 set ‎of weather data history,  and includes options for wall mounting with bright LED ‎backlight.  A powerful 433 MHz outdoor rain-resistant remote sensor transmits ‎weather information up to 330 feet.  Temperatures are displayed in Fahrenheit, and ‎an integrated digital clock is synchronized with the U.S. atomic clock for accuracy.  ‎Temperature ranges are 32 degree F to 140 degree F indoors and -22 degree F to ‎‎158 degree F outdoors with rainfall data being provided hourly and every 24 hours.  ‎Wind speeds and directions are detected and displayed, and includes wind, rain, and ‎heat sensors.  ‎

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Be a step ahead of the weather with one of these devices.  This is like having a ‎highly accurate weather center at your fingertips.  Wireless weather forecasters are ‎essential for those who live in areas prone to terrific thunderstorms, flash floods, ‎tornadoes, hurricanes, and other weather situations that are known for sudden onset ‎with devastating results.  People from all walks of life can benefit by using a wireless ‎weather forecaster.  One touch of the LCD screen and you can locate any weather ‎information you desire in an attractive compact device that is mountable or may be ‎displayed on a desk or counter.  It provides all the information needed – from sun ‎and moon phases to recent barometric changes – in an easily readable format to ‎help you prepare for whatever weather the day brings.  Simplicity and accuracy ‎makes these devices great and smart choices for those who like to track weather and ‎weather changes and be prepared for sudden changes in the atmosphere.‎